Work Safely Around Animals (Infection Control)

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Case for change

Work safely around animals (infection control) was identified as a skill priority in the 2017 Animal Care and Management IRC Skills Forecast and Proposed Schedule of Work (see page 36). In addressing the need for new infection control units, the project will review and strengthen (as required) infection control outcomes in four existing animal care and management workplace health and safety units and one infection control unit.

Skills Impact and the Animal Care and Management IRC will take will take this project through a process that adheres to the 2012 Standards for Training Package Development.

Download the IRC Skills Forecast (see page 36)

Project Plan

Project Scope

This project will review five existing units of competency (listed below) from within the ACM Animal Care and Management Training Package, to ensure infection control outcomes reflect the needs of workers in the animal care and management industry.

A key focus of the project is to define the skills and knowledge to minimise the transfer of disease from animals to workers in this industry. The project will research and develop up to six new units of competency to address:

  • basic infection control for volunteers in wildlife rescue, dog walking business and puppy day care
  • infection control in remote indigenous communities that have community animals
  • how to develop infection control protocols for a community organisation
  • infection control in veterinary clinics and practitioners
  • Equine specific infection control covering diseases such as:
    • Q Virus
    • Hendra Virus
    • Psittacosis
    • Herpes
    • Strangles

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Early February 2018
Scoping and research

Mid-February to March 2018
Development of draft materials

Early to mid – March 2018
Industry consultation of draft materials (2 weeks)

Early April to mid-April 2018
Industry validation of final drafts (2 weeks)

Late April 2018
Finalisation of Training Package components

May 2018
Edit and Equity review of Training Package components, and Independent Quality Assurance

June 2018
IRC consideration for sign-off and submission for endorsement


Project Team
Evan Cooper Industry Facilitation Manager, Skills Impact
Tom Vassallo Industry Skills Standards Manager, Skills Impact
Sue Hamilton Industry Skills Standards Contractor, Focus on Skills


Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts will be drawn on throughout this project to help review and draft the revised units, skill sets and qualifications.

If you are interested in applying to be a subject matter expert and are able to volunteer your time to this project, please email details of your expertise to

Opportunities for stakeholder input:

Below is a list of the current and existing units that will be reviewed as part of this project. Use the links below to view the components on

We invite you to provide your input on the current units. We would like to know what changes or updates should be made to the components so that they meet the skills needs of the industry, particularly how the current units can better reflect the skills and knowledge to minimise the transfer of disease from animals to workers in this industry.

Your feedback will help us in drafting the revised qualifications and units.


To provide feedback, please email Tom Vassallo –





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