Industry Overview

Animals and humans have a long history of coexistence, facilitated by the skills and knowledge of animal care and management. The foundations of the Animal Care and management industries are built on the critical requirements to protect animal welfare and the support of those who work with animals. Skills in this industry promote the safe existence of wildlife, exhibited, working and domestic animals, supporting our broader community and ecosystems. Updating skills in areas such as animal welfare practices, caring for wildlife, and supporting the mental and physical health of employees and the public are ongoing priorities in carrying out this work.

The industry is diverse, including veterinary care, companion and assistance animal management, pet care and training, equine care and animal regulation.

The Animal Care and Management Industry Reference Committee (IRC) covers the following sectors:

  • Veterinary and related services
  • Animal care, handling and welfare
  • Animal breeding services
  • Pet and companion animal services
  • Assistance animal care, training, handling and welfare
  • Wildlife and Exhibited Animal Operations
  • Animal Technology
  • Animal regulation and management

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Industry trends, challenges and opportunities are gathered through consultation with industry and research. They are documented in Skills Forecasts, which the Australian Industry and Skills Committee considers to determine future training package (skill standards) projects. Each project is overseen by the relevant Industry Reference Committee (IRC) and managed by Skills Impact. Click on the menu to the left for more information about the IRC, current projects, Skills Forecasts, as well as current units, skill sets and qualifications within the Training Package.


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