Horse Education Project

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Case for change

During public consultation for the development of the 2017-2020 IRC Skills Forecast and proposed Schedule of Work, and during the recent Safety in Equine Training project it became apparent that there are no specific units that describe the work undertaken by horse trainers to educate horses (i.e. the process that a person undertakes to ensure a horse is educated so that it is able to be safely ridden for either racing or recreational purposes).

In addressing these skill needs, this project will identify and fill gaps in current qualifications, skill sets and units of competency from the ACM Animal Care and Management Training Package. Development of units that cover the work roles associated with the tasks of horse education will support a process for trainee horse educators to be taught the skills and knowledge in how to educate horses with the highest level of animal welfare standards, whilst also supporting the safety of the learners undertaking their training.

Also being reviewed and developed as part of this project are skills around horse branding and identification, and horse transport.

Skills Impact and the Animal Care and Management Industry Reference Committee (IRC) will manage this project, consistent with the 2012 Standards for Training Package Development.


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