Animal Incident Management Project

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Case for change

Incidents such as bushfires and floods in urban and rural areas have driven the need for expertise in dealing with large animals (such as horses, cattle and sheep) and large groups of animals. Industry workers need to be properly trained in how to safely respond to these incidents in order to help minimise the risk of injury to people involved, to improve the welfare outcomes for the animals, and minimise any losses.

“Knowledge of and ability to apply large animal rescue techniques in various natural or anthropogenic disasters, emergencies or accidents” was identified as a priority skill in the 2017-2020 IRC Skills Forecast and proposed Schedule of Work. A subsequent Case for Change demonstrated the reasoning for this project, setting out evidence for proposed changes to the ACM Animal Care and Management Training Package, including the scope of the research, analysis and industry engagement undertaken to collate the evidence base.

In addressing this skill priority, this project will identify and fill gaps in current qualifications, skill sets and units of competency from the ACM Animal Care and Management Training Package to provide workers with high level skills to respond to incidents involving animals, including skills in animal first aid.

Skills Impact and the Animal Care and Management Industry Reference Committee (IRC) will manage this project, consistent with the 2012 Standards for Training Package Development.


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