Farriery Project

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Case for change

A review of the Farrier qualification was identified as a priority skill area in the 2017 Animal Care and Management IRC Skills Forecast and Proposed Schedule of Work (see page 28). Skills Impact and the Animal Care and Management Industry Reference Committee (IRC) will take this project through a process that adheres to the 2012 Standards for Training Package Development.

Download the IRC Skills Forecast (see page 28)

Project Plan

Project Scope

This project will review and update the farriery qualification and units of competency so that all job functions are accurately described, with appropriate current knowledge and skill needs.

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The Master Farriers Association have indicated that the Certificate III in Farriery and related farriery units do not align to current job roles. The Master Farriers Association have suggested a review of the assessment requirements of the units within this qualification to enable sound delivery and implementation.

The Certificate III in Farriery and horse contact units were recently updated to consider safety in training and reformatted to become compliant to the 2012 Standards for Training Packages. This work took place as part of the Equine Safety in Training Project, but it did not involve a full review of the skills standards or a functional analysis of the role of a Farrier as project funding was only for embedding safety. This project will look at these revised documents and update them to ensure they meet industry needs and become fit for purpose.


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Relevant occupation



Key deliverables
  • Review and improvement of the Certificate III in Farriery
  • Review and improvement of 12 units
  • Development of at least 5 new units, as identified during review



August 2017
Initial scoping

November, December 2017
Review process commencement

January 2018
Industry consultation of draft materials

February, March 2018
Industry validation of final drafts

March 2018
Finalisation of Training Package components

April 2018
Independent Quality Assurance, and Edit and Equity review of Training Package components

May 2018
IRC consideration for sign-off and submission for endorsement


Project Team
Evan Cooper Industry Facilitation Manager, Skills Impact ecooper@skillsimpact.com.au
Wayne Jones Industry Skills Standards Manager, Skills Impact wjones@skillsimpact.com.au
Sue Hamilton Skills Development Specialist


Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts will be drawn on throughout this project to help review and draft the revised units, skill sets and qualifications.

If you are interested in applying to be a subject matter expert and are able to volunteer your time to this project, please email details of your expertise to ecooper@skillsimpact.com.au

Opportunities for stakeholder input:

The Certificate III in Farriery and its related units of competency (available below) were recently reviewed as part of the Equine Safety in Training Project. However, the qualification and units were only made compliant to the Standards for Training Packages 2012. They did not undergo a full content review.

To view the qualification or a specific unit, please click on the title*. We would like to know what changes or updates should be made to the qualification or units so that they meet the skills needs of the industry. In particular, we are looking for feedback relating to the following questions.

Questions for the Certificate III in Farriery 

  • Is there a need for metal work skills (forging, welding etc.) to be a core part of the qualification, or is this now a specialisation and thus should become an elective?
  • What are the skills for shoeing a horse with different types of horse shoes (rubber, plastic etc.)?
  • Should “barefeet” skills be part of a farrier’s role?
  • There are reports that farriers are undertaking equine dental activities, should this be an elective?

Questions for the units:

  • Does the title of the unit accurately reflect the skill outcome? If not, what should it be?
  • Does the application accurately describe the worker that would undertake the skill? If not, what should it be?
  • Are there any relevant legislation, licensing or industry requirements that apply to the unit that are not already stated? If yes, what are they?
  • Do the elements and performance criteria accurately describe the process of undertaking the skills? If not, what should they be?
  • Is the language used within the unit correct industry language?  If not, what should it be?
  • How many times would you expect to observe/assess someone undertaking the skill to be confident in their ability?
  • Any other comments about the units.

Your feedback will help us in drafting the revised qualification and units.

To provide feedback, please email Wayne Jones wjones@skillsimpact.com.au

*Please note that the link will provide a version of the qualification or unit that was reviewed as part of the Equine Safety and Training Project, and not the version that is currently listed on training.gov.au.


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