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Feedback Sought on Draft Skills Standards

Skills standards have been reviewed and developed for the below sectors, based on advice from industry experts. Your feedback is sought on the draft documents so that they accurately capture current skills needs and job roles.

Visit the individual project pages to view the documents and have your say.

Fishtech and Aquabotics Project –  developing national skills standards for working with new technologies in aquaculture and wild catch.

Work With Crocodiles Project – defining the skills required to work with crocodiles in a way that is sustainable, safe and humane.

Food and Beverage Processing Project – reviewing skills standards to reflect current practices and give industry the tools it needs to keep up with consumer trends.

Pet Care and Animal Training Project – reviewing skills standards to capture the skills for working with pets in a range of areas, such as grooming, health care, training, assistance, companion and therapy, and regulation.

Timber Merchandising Project – updating national skills standards to include the specific knowledge and skills to perform this work, so customers receive the right services and products.

New Harvesting Technologies Project – capturing skills standards for work with new technologies and methods in timber harvesting.

Timber Truss and Frame Estimating and Design Project – reviewing and restructuring skills standards to support demand for skills in estimating and designing timber trusses and frames.