Many of the units of competency for the food and beverage industry have been updated between 2018 and 2020. As part of the update they received a new code – FBP (previously FDF).  They were updated as part of national projects, that underwent consultation with industry and training providers. Qualifications that were part of these projects have been updated to include the FBP units. However, several qualifications were not part of these projects and so the FDF units could not be replaced with the updated FBP version.

As part of this project, the FDF units that have already been reviewed will be replaced by equivalent FBP units in qualifications which were not updated in the past two years.

The FBP units have already been through a full review process, including extensive industry consultation and support. They have been updated to reflect changing ways of work, clearer foundation skills, current industry terminology and the Standards for Training Packages, which have generally resulted in improved performance criteria.

As a result, the AISC approved a shortened process to update the remaining qualifications, to replace the FDF units with the equivalent FBP units. Comments have been invited from anyone involved in the delivery of this training or with an interest in the units, to provide any additional information they feel may be relevant to this process.

The qualifications and units will be released at the same time qualifications and units from the Food & Beverage Processing Project are, to ensure the changes can be incorporated into one major update on

A list of frequently asked questions for training providers is outlined below.

Work is being finalised

Work is almost compete on a process to ensure all qualifications in the within the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Training Package include the newest versions of units of competency, including the core skills required. All qualifications have been checked to see if they include FDF-coded units of competency, and if so, they will be replaced shortly with the updated FBP-coded version. One unit will also be updated where it currently lists an FDF-coded unit as a prerequisite.

For detailed information about what is being updated in each qualification and unit, please view the mapping document linked below.

Click here to download mapping document  

Please be aware that additional changes may be made to the affected qualifications as a result of work being undertaken as part of the Food & Beverage Processing, Flour Milling and High Volume Production Baking projects. We recommend signing up for the Skills Impact newsletter to keep up to date with the changes being made as part of these projects.

Thank you for your input

Thank you to everybody that provided comment on the documents being updated. The documents were available for comment between October 2019 and April 2021. You can still view the documents that were made available on the feedback hub by clicking on the links below, including any comments that were made on them.

Please note: the work being undertaken on these qualifications is only to update FDF-coded units with their FBP-coded counterparts. Any other feedback was welcomed on the documents, however anything out of the scope of this work will be added to an issues register for these qualifications for inclusion in a future Skills Forecast.


Alternatively, the qualifications can be downloaded in Microsoft Word format by clicking here.

Unit of competency

Alternatively, the unit can be downloaded in Microsoft Word format by clicking here.

Note – the following qualifications and unit of competency currently include FDF-coded units, however they are undergoing a full review as part of the Food & Beverage Processing Project and are likely to receive more substantial changes. Please visit the Food & Beverage Processing Project to see the changes proposed for these qualifications.

  • FBP20117 Certificate II in Food Processing
  • FBP20317 Certificate II in Food Processing (Sales)
  • FBP30117 Certificate III in Food Processing
  • FBP30617 Certificate III in Food Processing (Sales)
  • FBPOPR3001 Control contaminants and allergens in the workplace
  • FBPOPR3002 Prepare food products using basic cooking methods


Frequently asked questions

Yes, the FDF Units must still be delivered to satisfy the specific requirements of a qualification outlined on

Clause 1.26 and 1.27 in The Standards for RTOs 2015 cover this issue. Clause 1.26a says that where a training product (e.g. a qualification) is superseded, you need to transition to the new version. However, Clause 1.27 says that if a training package requires the delivery of a superseded unit then the rule (1.26a) doesn’t apply.

This means that if a qualification lists a superseded unit in its core, a trainer must deliver the unit anyway, as it is explicitly listed in the qualification as it appears on You can check out the user guide to these standards on the ASQA website – click here.

As with FDF-coded units in the core of a qualification, if an FDF­-coded unit appears in the list of electives, this should be the unit of competency that is delivered for the qualification.

However, if you would prefer to use the updated FBP-coded version of a unit, and the Packaging Rules of the qualification allow it, you may be able to include the FBP unit as an “imported” unit.

For example, let’s look at FBP30217 Certificate III in Plant Baking.

The Packaging Rules for this qualification read as follows:

To meet the requirements for the Core Units of competency, all units listed in the Core Units of the qualification must be delivered (even if they are marked as Superseded on

To meet the requirements for the Elective Units of competency, we must first choose 4 units from Group A. This means that only units of competency explicitly listed in Group A will count towards this requirement (even if they are marked as Superseded on

For the second requirement for the Elective Units of competency we need to choose a further 5 units. These can be from either Groups A or B (as listed). Alternatively, we can select up to 5 units of competency from:

“elsewhere in this training package, any other currently endorsed training package or accredited course packaged at a Certificate II (maximum 2 units), Certificate III or Certificate IV (maximum of 3 units) levels.”

This part of the packaging rules allows us to use an FBP-coded unit (assuming that it meets all other requirements, including maintaining the integrity of the qualification’s AQF alignment, and any other requirements listed in the packaging rules). However, note that users may not select an FDF-coded unit from the elective list of elective units and it’s FBP-coded replacement as this would be duplication and not permitted.

Each qualification will be checked to see if it includes units of competency that are coded as FDF. Where an FDF unit appears, it will be replaced with its equivalent FBP counterpart. (Please see the mapping document for a detailed list of which units will be replaced and their FBP replacement.)

As the qualifications being updated will have received changes to their core in order to implement these updates, each qualification will require a new code. This new code will be allocated closer to their release date.

To make sure that the qualifications include the most current and up to date version of units of competency, the qualifications will be updated to include any additional updates that occur as part of the Food & Beverage Processing Project. This project is reviewing Certificates I, II and III in Food Processing, and Certificates II and III in Food Processing (Sales) and all of the units that sit within the qualifications as part of FBP Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Training Package Version 6. As a result of this project, there are likely to be additional unit updates that affect that above qualifications.

To avoid multiple updates within a short period of time, the qualifications listed above will be submitted as part of Case for Endorsement for FBP Version 6 and would be published shortly after endorsement. Current timelines anticipate this publication to be late 2020; however, please keep an eye on the project timelines on the Food Processing project page for any changes to this schedule.

The qualifications above require changes to be made to the units of competency listed in their core. Changes to the core of a qualification require endorsement by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC). There are a number of requirements that need to be met for components (i.e. qualifications and units of competency) to be considered for endorsement, including a period of stakeholder engagement.

In addition, to avoid multiple changes to the qualifications within a short period of time, these qualifications will be updated to include not only replacements for FDF-coded units of competency, but also any other units of competency that are updated, either as part of the Food Processing project or changes made to the current imported units from other Training packages within the qualification. This is anticipated to reduce the impact to Registered Training Organisations.

Background information

The FBP units were developed and updated from FDF as part of the following projects. Now we have the opportunity to make sure FBP units are in place across all qualifications in the FBP Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Training Package.


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