Michael Hartman, Chief Executive Officer 

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Rosalie Staggard, General Manager Operations

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Industry Skills Facilitation Team

Our Industry Facilitation Managers provide operational and secretariat support to Industry Reference Committees, to facilitate stakeholder engagement and gather industry intelligence on current and emerging trends and drivers that affect the development of units of competency, skill sets and qualifications.

Brigid Hales, Industry Facilitation Portfolio Manager – brigid@skillsimpact.com.au
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Evan Cooper, Industry Facilitation Manager – ecooper@skillsimpact.com.au
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Julie Stratford, Industry Facilitation Manager – jstratford@skillsimpact.com.au
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Michelle Ingley-Smith, Industry Facilitation Manager – michelle@skillsimpact.com.au
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Meka Sinclair, Industry Facilitation Support Officer – meka@skillsimpact.com.au


Industry Skills Standards Development Team

Our skills standards development team work with industry on various projects to define and draft qualifications, skill sets and units of competency that meet industry needs.

Helen Foote, Training Package Quality Manager – hfoote@skillsimpact.com.au
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Wayne Jones, Training Package Portfolio Manager – wjones@skillsimpact.com.au
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Danni McDonald, Industry Skills Standards Manager – dmcdonald@skillsimpact.com.au
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Tom Vassallo, Industry Skills Standards Manager – tvassallo@skillsimpact.com.au
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Andrea Hayman, Industry Skills Standards Specialist – andrea@skillsimpact.com.au
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Catherine Beven, Industry Skills Standards Specialist – catherine@skillsimpact.com.au
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Rebecca Ford, Industry Skills Standards Specialist – rebecca@skillsimpact.com.au
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Ruth Geldard, Industry Skills Standards Specialist – rgeldard@skillsimpact.com.au
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Lucinda O’Brien, Training Package Support Officer – lucinda@skillsimpact.com.au
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Administration Team

Dion Daniell, Administration and Executive Support Officer – ddaniell@skillsimpact.com.au
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Mira Fraser, Executive Assistant and Systems Officer – mfraser@skillsimpact.com.au
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Morgan Anderson, Administration Trainee – morgan@skillsimpact.com.au
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Tessa Spriggens, Communications Manager – tgudsell@skillsimpact.com.au
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Inci Sapmazturk, Administration and Communications Officer – isapmazturk@skillsimpact.com.au
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Human Resources

Philip Mather, Human Resources Manager – pmather@skillsimpact.com.au 
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Connie Todaro, Finance Manager – ctodaro@skillsimpact.com.au
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Dr Georgiana Daian, Research and Project Manager – gdaian@skillsimpact.com.au
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