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Validation Sought on New Pest Management Unit

The final draft unit for applying poison baits for vertebrate pest control in rural and environmental landscapes is now available for validation. Thank you to those that provided feedback on the draft that was made available for consultation between 26 February – 12 March 2018.

All feedback has been considered and the final draft version of this unit is now available for industry validation, until 11 April 2018.

Feedback from the National Wild Dog Management Group about the use of vertebrate pesticides prompted the development of this new unit during the validation period for the existing pest management qualification, skill set and units (25 January 2018 – 8 February 2018).

Validation means checking and confirming that the unit is logical and factually accurate.

To participate in the validation process, please visit the project webpage linked below. 

A summary of the feedback that was received for this draft unit (between 26 February – 12 March 2018), and a description of its consideration and application in this final draft can be downloaded from the project webpage.