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Update on Progress of New Projects

Consultation to Commence in November

Register your interest to be informed when drafts are available for feedback and to get involved in the workshops or webinars

The development of revised draft units, skill sets and qualifications is currently underway for the projects listed below. Subject Matter Experts are being consulted and feedback from industry on the existing documents is also being considered as part of this process. In November the draft units will become available on the Skills Impact website for feedback. Face-to-face consultation workshops are also taking place in November, across states and territories. Visit the project pages for more information and to register your attendance.


Racing Project

Draft units now available for feedback

The Racing Project has now moved to the ‘consultation’ stage, which means draft qualifications, skill sets and units of competency are now available for your review and feedback. Please visit project webpage to provide input.
Note: this project is an extension of the Equine Safety in Training Project.


Farriery Project

Work to draft the revised farriery qualification and units of competency will commence in November. In the meantime, we invite you to provide your feedback on the existing Certificate III in Farriery and units that will be reviewed as part of this project. Your feedback will help us in drafting revised versions. Visit project webpage.