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Update on Skills Insight JSC

The team are excited to be engaging with stakeholders to establish Skills Insight as a Jobs and Skills Council (JSC).

One part of this work is establishing Skills Insight’s Membership base and formal stakeholder network, who will guide Skills Insight’s work. Network members will be representatives from industry, training organisations and other stakeholders with an interest in the sectors we cover and VET. Members will also be part of our process to establish a formal Stakeholder Representative Forum, made up of industry leaders, which will be a key part of the voice of industry and make decisions about the JSC work outcomes. We are committed to making sure our Members reflect the full breadth of our industry coverage, and are knowledgeable about skills and matters of importance, such as respect for Country and climate change.

The Stakeholder Representative Forum will play a crucial role in steering our work, as will the formal and informal networks and any stakeholder who approaches us to have a say on skills, training needs and issues.

Welcome to the textiles, clothing, footwear and furnishing industries

The industry coverage of Skills Insight will be similar to Skills Impact. We have also been allocated additional industries: textiles, clothing, footwear and furnishing. A crucial part of our activities at the moment is getting to know new stakeholders, particularly from our newly allocated industry sectors.

These industries make up an important part of the value chain, turning raw materials into essential items used every day for our homes, clothing and enrichment, and performing services to keep these items functional.

If you or someone you know is involved in these industries, please feel free to forward our subscription form or update your subscription preferences, to stay up to date with news and consultation opportunities.

If you would like to be involved in our work to establish Skills Insight, please contact us.

Phone: 03 9321 3526

Email: [email protected]

Jobs and Skills Councils (JSCs) Onboarding Forum

Members of the team recently attended a two-day Jobs and Skills Councils (JSCs) Onboarding Forum hosted by the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations. The meeting provided details about plans for the JSC program and government expectations, including an address from the Minister for Skills and Training, Brendan O’Connor.

Each of the new JSCs also presented, including Skills Insight’s CEO, Michael Hartman. Michael’s presentation was very positive in relation to the opportunities provided by the new government program and focused on what we can learn from previous skills programs and the need to work collaboratively with all stakeholders across the VET and skill systems.
Behind the Scenes

We are lucky to be building Skills Insight on the strong foundation of Skills Impact’s team of people, values and infrastructure. There is still plenty to do to equip Skills Insight with the capacities to deliver a broader range of outcomes and functions. The team have been working with First Nations-owned creative consultancy Leon Design to devise the look and feel of Skills Insight. It draws on our ethos of collaboration and coming together to devise solutions for improved VET outcomes.

A website will be available soon, where you can learn more about Skills Insight, JSCs and the opportunities for industry and all stakeholders under the JSC program.