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Update on Projects

Draft Skills Standards Available for Feedback

Animal Reproduction Project

Farmers are building on the skills they have used to manage livestock breeding programs for generations, adopting new technologies as they become more accessible. Industry experts have helped draft revised qualifications and skills standards to incorporate the skills required to work with new technologies, such as sensors, trackers and ultrasound equipment. You have until 19 February 2021 to provide feedback on the drafts.

To have your say, visit the project page

Landscaping Project

Landscapers rely on skills in horticulture and plant care in order to design, construct and maintain many of many green spaces within our homes and communities. They also possess expertise in working with a range of materials and with other professionals. You still have until 18 December 2020 to provide comment on updated qualifications and skills standards that have been revised to reflect current technology, practices and terminology.

To provide input, visit the project page

Parks and Gardens Project

The skills required to care for Australian parks and gardens have been changing as industry focuses on more sustainable practices to promote biodiversity, adapt to climate change, and acknowledge the cultural significance of these spaces. The qualifications and units that define the skills required for this work have been revised to reflect current terminology, equipment and practices used in caring for parks and gardens. Feedback is being collected on the drafts until 18 December 2020.

To view the drafts and provide feedback, visit the project page

Available soon: Skills for Land Rehabilitation (Mined Land)

Specialist skills are required for the conservation and management of Australia’s many unique ecosystems, with particular knowledge required for unique environments such as land that has been used for mining. Experts in the sector are being engaged to help inform the content for the draft units of competency. The drafts will be available for comment later this week.

For more information, visit the project page

AnchorUpdated Skills Standards Published & Available for Use

Thanks to the input of everyone who contributed to the below projects, the units, skill sets and qualifications that were reviewed and developed as part of the following projects have been endorsed by the AISC and State and Territory Ministers. They have been published on training.gov.au and are available for RTOs to put on scope.

New Timber Harvesting Technologies Project

As new technologies provide ways to make forestry work more productive, sustainable and safe, updated skills are needed for a range of job roles and tasks. These updated technical and digital skills have been captured in the review and development of units of competency for the harvesting sector.

For more detail, visit the project page.

Timber Truss and Frame Estimating and Design Project

Timber trusses and frames are an essential part of many Australian homes and many other buildings. The technical skills required for both the design and manufacture of timber trusses and frames have been incorporated in national qualifications and skills standards.

For more information, visit the project page.

Timber Merchandising Project

The expert skills and knowledge required for work in timber merchandising have been incorporated in updated qualifications and skills standards, supporting this essential step in the supply chain.

For further details, visit the project page

Fishtech & Aquabotics Project

The skills required to work with new emerging technologies in fishtech and aquabotics, particularly real-time distant operations, have been incorporated in national units and skill sets.

For further details, visit the project page

Work with Crocodiles Project

Working with crocodiles is a complex field, overlapping a number of sectors including conservation and land management, animal care and management, and aquaculture. This project addressed the need for accessible skills standards for working with crocodiles across all settings, to promote safe and sustainable practices. A qualification, eight skill sets and 11 units were developed as a result.

For further details, visit the project page

Other Projects Underway

New projects: webpages available in 2021:

  • Meat rendering
  • Electric meat slicing skills
  • Pre-rendering meat processing
  • Alteration to packaging rules and application statement in Certificate II in Racing Industry
  • Simplifying certificate IV qualifications for riders and drivers

Project planning stage:

Development stage:

Feedback being used to inform further updates to drafts:

Validation feedback being used to make additional changes: