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Three Meat Processing Units for Additional Feedback

Thank you to those who participated in the validation process for the final draft units of competency and skill sets, developed as part of the Meat Processing Project.

The documents have undergone an independent quality assurance process. However, it has been identified by the project team and supported by the Meat IRC that major edits have been recommended to be made to two further units of competency. These two units have been added to the project scope and we are now seeking your feedback on whether the proposed edits to these two documents meets industry needs.

The unit for developing and implementing a TACCP VACCP plan has also had further changes made since validation and requires further consultation to ensure it is in line with industry requirements.

These three units are now available on the Skills Impact website for feedback until 26 March 2019.

  • AMPA416 Oversee humane handling of animals
  • AMPA417 Conduct an animal welfare audit of a meat processing plant
  • AMPX429 Develop and implement a TACCP VACCP plan

To provide feedback and comment, please visit the project webpage.