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Thanks for Your Feedback on AHC Projects

Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide feedback on the projects below. Your expertise is vital in updating the skills standards and qualifications for these industries, so that they match real job functions and skills needs.

Your feedback will inform further work on the final drafts, which are expected to be available for industry comment and validation in May 2021. A summary of the feedback and how it was addressed in the final drafts will also be available.

Animal Reproduction Project

Qualifications and skills standards are being reviewed to capture the skills required for livestock reproduction. They are being updated to incorporate the skills required to operate a range of new technologies that are used to increase the productivity of livestock breeding programs, building on skills farmers have used for generations. Technologies such as sensors, trackers and ultrasound equipment are being used to identify breeding objectives, genetic influences, animal soundness and animal breeding health, helping promote better animal welfare outcomes, efficiency and sustainability.

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Dairy & Milk Harvesting Project

The technology and skills for harvesting milk in Australia are expanding, with the introduction of new robotic technology and automatic milking systems. At the same time, traditional methods are still valued and used in a range of settings. The national qualification and skills standards are being updated to reflect the vast array of technologies used, as well as the broader range of skills needed in the dairy and milk harvesting industry.

For more information, visit the project page.

Landscaping Project

Landscapers add to the liveability and value of many parts of our communities by designing, constructing and maintaining green spaces. The qualifications and skills standards for this work are being revised to reflect current technology, practices and terminology. Two units of competency have also been developed to address the increased use of computer-aided design (CAD) software as a standard work practice and the increasing trend to use outdoor tiling in landscape projects.

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Parks and Gardens Project

The skills requirements of jobs in the parks and gardens sector have been changing as industry focuses on more sustainable practices to promote biodiversity, adapt to climate change, and acknowledge the cultural significance of these spaces. Qualifications and skills standards for work in parks and gardens are being revised to reflect current terminology, equipment and practices, including sustainable use of materials and workplace health and safety requirements.

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Skills for Land Rehabilitation (Mined Land) Project

While there are common skills required to conserve and manage Australian’s various ecosystems, additional expertise is required to rehabilitate land after it has been used for mining. Industry is driving a process to draft skills standards to help deliver training in this sector.

For more information, visit the project page.