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Still Time to Provide Input on Final AHC Drafts

The final drafts for the projects below are still available for comment and validation.

Your input is appreciated to confirm whether the final drafts accurately reflect the way job tasks are performed.

Crops, Pasture and Seed Project

The broadacre cropping and seed production sectors are adopting the latest in science and technology, as they meet increasing global demand for food and fibre, and strive to produce drought resistant, higher yielding, and more nutritious crops.

To have your say on whether the draft qualifications and skills standards for the crops, pastures and seed sectors reflect the digital and technical skills required, visit the project page.

Dairy & Milk Harvesting Project

Australia’s milk and dairy harvesting industry is expanding its arsenal of skills, with the introduction of new robotic technology and automatic milking systems.

To help check the final draft documents reflect the vast array of technologies and skills used, including traditional methods, visit the project page.

Parks & Gardens Project

The skills required to care for and maintain public parks and gardens are changing, as industry develops more sustainable and efficient methods.

To have your say on updated qualifications and skills standards for work in parks and gardens, visit the project page.

Skills for Land Rehabilitation (Mined Land) Project

While it takes similar skills to conserve and manage Australia’s many unique ecosystems, unique expertise is needed when rehabilitating land after it has been used for mining.

To have your say on the skill sets and qualification that have been developed for this vital work, visit the project page.