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Skills Forecasts

Draft IRC Skills Forecasts for 2019-2020 will become available for viewing on our website during March.

We will be seeking your feedback on the priority skills areas that have been outlined in each document.

Skills Forecasts describe industry trends, opportunities, challenges, and identify skills gaps and emerging skills needs. They propose a four year plan for reviewing and developing relevant units, skill sets and qualifications across the training packages. The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) draws on this information to update their AISC National Schedule, and to determine future Training Package Projects.

A Skills Forecast is being drafted for each industry Training Package we support.

Please ensure you’re subscribed to the industry sectors you are interested in and you will be alerted when that specific Skills Forecast is available for feedback. Click here to update your subscription preferences.

The information in Skills Forecasts has been gathered over the past 12 months – from site visits, meetings, phone conversations and emails. Thank you to those of you who have been generous with your time supporting the Skills Forecast process and improvement to skills standards in your industries.