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Rice Processing Project: Consultation Open for Draft Qualification & Units

This project is underway to transfer units of competency and qualifications currently in the ZRG05 Ricegrowers’ Co-operative Limited Enterprise Training Package to the FDF Food Processing Training Package. It follows a Government decision that all enterprise Training Packages should be reviewed and, where possible, included within Industry Training Packages.

Transitioning the relevant rice processing units and qualifications to the FDF training package will ensure the rice industry has access to nationally endorsed units and qualifications, which reflect the current skills needs of industry.

Research and consultation has taken place with Subject Matter Experts from SunRice – Australia’s sole rice processor – to develop a proposed Certificate III in Rice Processing and 13 rice processing units. Read more about the development phase of this project here.

The final draft qualification and units are now available for industry consultation and validation.

Validation means checking or proving that something is logically and factually accurate. We are seeking your views on whether the draft units and qualifications reflect the current occupational skill standards and needs of industry. The consultation period for these final drafts will be open for two weeks, until 5pm Wednesday 9 August.

You are welcome to provide validation on as many of the final drafts as you would like. Please also feel free to share these with others who may be interested in providing validation.

Once industry has validated the final drafts they will be submitted to the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industry Reference Committee (IRC) for sign off. After final quality assurance, they will be submitted to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) to consider and approve for publication on training.gov.au.