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Retail Baking Review Project: Validation Sought on Final Draft Qualifications & Units

Thank you to everybody who provided feedback on the draft retail baking units of competency, skill sets and qualifications.

Final drafts are now available for industry validation. This does not include the final drafts relating to the Certificate IV in Advanced Baking, which will be available shortly (please see below).

Validation means checking or proving that something is logically and factually accurate. We are seeking your views on whether the units and qualifications reflect the current occupational skill standards and needs of industry. The consultation period for these final drafts will be open for two weeks, until 5pm Friday 14 July.

A summary of the feedback received during the consultation period between 11 April – 11 May and a description of its consideration and application can also be viewed when clicking the validation form on the website.


You are welcome to provide validation on as many of the final draft qualifications and units as you would like. Please also feel free to share these with others who may be interested in providing validation.

Feedback that was received on the final draft Certificate IV in Advanced Baking and the related units and skill sets during 2 – 16 June, is currently being been considered and will inform the final drafts which will be available for validation at a later date.

Please Note

From earlier consultation, Skills Impact is aware that there are concerns that the proposed draft units of competency and their assessment requirements will lead to training and assessment solely in the environment of a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

The draft materials do not stipulate that training and assessment must occur in an RTO (for example a TAFE). The draft materials list the equipment required to make the products required in the Baking Industry, which are commonly used across a broad range of bakeries. If an apprentice does not have access to some of the required equipment in their current workplace, the RTO will need to train and assess the apprentice at a site that uses that equipment.

Based on feedback, the required equipment lists in the draft materials have been revised to remove any equipment not considered essential.