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Register for Animal Care & Management Consultation Workshops

A series of face-to-face consultation workshops are planned for the following projects. You are invited to attend a workshop near you, to provide feedback on the draft qualifications, skill sets and units of competency that are being developed as part of these projects. The drafts will be available for feedback in February, to correspond with the workshop dates.

To register, please click on the relevant project webpage, linked below.

Animal Incident Management Project

5 Feb, 1-3pm, Hobart – register
7 Feb, 1-3pm, Darwin – register
12 Feb, 1-3pm, Brisbane – register
14 Feb, 1-3pm, Canberra – register
19 Feb, 1-3pm, Perth – register
21 Feb, 1-3pm, Adelaide – register
27 Feb, 1-3pm, Sydney – register
28 Feb, 1-3pm, Tamworth – register
4 Mar, 1-3pm, Melbourne – register
6 Feb, 1-3pm, Webinar – register

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Horse Education Project

5 Feb, 10am-12pm, Hobartregister
7 Feb, 10am-12pm, Darwinregister
12 Feb, 10am-12pm, Brisbaneregister
14 Feb, 10am-12pm, Canberraregister
19 Feb, 10am-12pm, Perthregister
21 Feb, 10am-12pm, Adelaideregister
27 Feb, 10am-12pm, Sydneyregister
28 Feb, 10am-12pm, Tamworthregister
4 Mar, 10am-12pm, Melbourneregister
13 Feb, 10am-12pm, Webinar – register

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Animal Technology Project

4 Feb, 1-3pm, Hobart register
11 Feb, 1-3pm, Brisbane register
13 Feb, 1-3pm, Canberra register
18 Feb, 1-3pm, Perth register
20 Feb, 1-3pm, Adelaide register
25 Feb, 10am -12pm, Melbourne register
26 Feb, 1.30-3:30pm, Sydney register
25 Feb, 1.30-3:30pm, Webinar – register

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