COVID-19, Bushfire, Drought and Floods

Our thoughts are with our stakeholders who are still being impacted by the bushfires, drought and floods in Australia and now COVID-19. Information about available assistance can be found at the FarmHub website. Skills Impact operations and activities continue during these challenging times, with necessary adjustments to our consultation activities. Stakeholder availability is limited and we are following all government mandates and recommendations in relation to COVID-19, with all staff working from home on an ongoing basis. Our interactions are now only by email, phone, video conferencing and the feedback hub. Please continue to feel free to contact us by these methods. Your feedback and input to improve national qualifications and skills standards is most welcome. Read more.

Feedback on Timber Truss & Frame Skills Standards

The timber truss and frame industry is critically important to Australia’s economy and its people, as a high proportion of modern homes and buildings require its products. The technical skills that are needed by employees to design and manufacture timber frames and trusses have been described in draft qualifications, skill sets and units. They have been drafted with advice from industry experts and are now available for your review and feedback. Visit the project page to provide feedback and help update the … Read More

Next Steps for Agronomy & Rural Merchandising Skill Standards

Feedback received during the validation stage for the below projects is now being considered to update the drafts. They will shortly move into the finalisation stage, which involves review by the State/Territory Training Authorities, the IRC, the Australian Industry and Skills Committee and State/Territory Ministers. Once endorsed the new skills standards will be available for use. For further information visit the individual project pages.

Still Time to Feedback on Horticulture, Nursery & Medicinal Crops Skill Standards

Final draft skills standards for the below sectors are still available for input, with consultation periods extended. Feedback is sought on whether job roles and work practices are accurately described and reflect current skills needs. To view the documents and have your say, visit the individual project pages.

Biosecurity Skills Standards Available for Validation

Final drafts of four skill sets and 13 units of competency in biosecurity and emergency response are now available for industry input. Australia’s reputation for high quality produce is underpinned by strong biosecurity measures. You have the opportunity to play a key role in defining the skills standards for preventing and managing biosecurity issues, supporting future learners and industry as a whole. Your feedback is sought on whether the final drafts capture current skills and practices for minimising risk in day … Read More

Arboriculture Skills Standards Update

The arboriculture units of competency, skill sets and qualifications are going through the AISC endorsement process. Additional information supporting the need for the higher-level qualifications has been submitted to the AISC for consideration at the next meeting on the 25 February 2020.

Updating Conservation and Land Management Drafts

Your comments on the draft skills standard for conservation and land management are now being considered to produce the final drafts. These will be made available for further feedback in March 2020. Visit the project page

Still Time for Feedback on Fishtech and Aquabotics Drafts

New technology is having a significant impact on job roles in aquaculture and wild catch. Many tasks that were previously performed manually can now be done using aquabotics, such as remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), underwater drones and biosensors. To address the skills needed to operate and understand this new technology, 11 new units of competency and three new skill sets have been drafted. Existing units have also been updated to reference skills requirements related to automation, technology, environment and biosecurity, … Read More

Capturing Skills Needs for Work with Crocodiles

Work with crocodiles and their eggs takes place across a range of environments and sectors. This work requires specialist skills in order to be performed in a sustainable, safe and humane manner. Industry experts have been consulted in the development of units and skill sets that capture the skills required to work with crocodiles, whether that be in the wild, on a farm, in a zoo, or in a wildlife park. Experts consulted so far include Indigenous Australians, park rangers, research scientists, animal … Read More

Get Involved with Defining Skills Standards in Pharmaceutical Bioprocessing

Pharmaceutical bioprocessing is an expanding field which uses living organisms to produce medical treatments. Unique skills are required to manufacture and distribute these delicate products. However, these skills are not currently captured in  nationally endorsed skills standards. If you’d like to be involved in defining the skills standards for this sector, please register your interest by visiting the project page.  

Advanced Wine Operations Skills Standards on the Way

“We are pleased to see the availability of the five new Coordinate Wine Operations units, as the industry relies heavily on casual workers during peak production times and these workers require training and coordination to perform to the levels required by industry. We also support the development of two new units related to high speed automated packaging processes as companies are increasing the levels of automation for their bottling and packaging lines. These new units reflect real work functions in the … Read More

Artisanal Food & Beverage Skills Standards Available for Use

Industry welcomes the development of the new Certificate IV in Artisan Fermented Products and  Diploma of Artisan Cheesemaking, along with associated skill sets and units. The two new qualifications were developed over a 12-month period and designed to support the unique skills needed for the hands-on approach of artisanal fermented food and beverage production. The final draft documents have now been endorsed by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) and State and Territory Ministers, and are available for use by industry … Read More

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