Updates to the National Industry Insights Report

The 2020 Annual Updates to the IRC Skills Forecasts have been used by the AISC to bring up-to-date their National Industry Insights Report. Only 12 industry reports have been published so far, out of a total of 66. The selection provided, to lead the first updates to the insights reports is, in our view, a recognition of the quality and the timeliness of the work of the IRCs. The 12 published reports include: Agriculture Amenity Horticulture and Conservation Animal Care … Read More

New Pharmaceutical Skill Set

A skill set to support the pharmaceutical industry in their urgent response to the COVID-19 health crisis is now available for training delivery. Pharmaceutical companies are playing a key role in the COVID-19 pandemic by developing potential tests, treatments and vaccines. It is important manufacturers are equipped with all the expertise they may require, including the unique skills to produce and distribute life-saving and enhancing medical treatments. The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operator Induction Skill Set describes the foundation skills and knowledge … Read More

New Projects Underway

Work has begun on a range of new projects to update and improve industry qualifications and skills standards. Project planning is underway and Skills Impact and the Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) have been reaching out to industry experts for their input into the projects. Project webpages will progressively become available over the next two months. Some are already published, where you can read more information about the projects and register your interest. Agriculture and Horticulture Projects Landscaping – view webpage … Read More

Videos: Our Program to Support VET Reform

Videos to describe key challenges and solutions for VET system reform are available on the Skills Impact website. The issues and solutions presented are aligned to the outcomes and goals of the Governments’ reform processes. Insights have been developed from our extensive interaction with industry and the VET sector over the past five years. We encourage feedback and input on these topics. Please feel welcome to contact us. Click here to read more details about our program to support VET reform.

Digital Transformation

The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) has established a Digital Transformation Expert Panel to provide advice on how the VET system can most effectively respond to digital change across industry and its impact on the nation’s workforce. The Panel is approaching this work through the lens of Australia’s existing workers and their need to upskill and reskill in response to digital transformation. They will submit a Digital Transformation Skills Strategy to the AISC for consideration at the end of 2020. The Panel has … Read More

What Information Do You Need Before Taking on an Apprentice or Trainee?

What do employers need to know about apprenticeships, but don’t? When taking on a new apprentice, are employers fully aware of processes, procedures and legal requirements of both themselves and the apprentice? To help answer these and other questions, the Australian Apprenticeship and Traineeship Information Service (AATIS) is carrying out a survey. Click here to participate in the survey. Survey responses will help the AATIS to improve the information and communications they provide to potential employers of Australian Apprentices.

New Projects Approved for Forest and Timber Industry

We are excited about working with industry and IRCs on a new round of projects in the forestry and wood product industry. The three new projects approved by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee, will focus on the following solutions to current skills needs: Review Qualifications to Attract New Entrants – a revision of entry level qualifications so they can be delivered in a school environment. Review of High-Level Jobs in Forestry – a comprehensive analysis of skills and knowledge required … Read More

Updated Skills Standards Endorsed

Thanks to all those who contributed to the projects listed below, Australia’s forest and timber industry will soon have access to updated skills standards for timber truss and frame estimating and manufacture, timber building products supply, and working with new harvesting technologies. The units, skill sets and qualifications have been endorsed by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee and will soon be considered for endorsement by the State and Territory Ministers, before being published on training.gov.au and available for RTOs to put on scope. For further information visit the … Read More

Thanks for Proving Feedback on the Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Meat Processing

Thank you to all those who provided feedback on the draft Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Meat Processing, which were updated to reflect the Standards for Training Packages 2012. Your feedback on this additional round of drafts is being used to inform the final version of the qualifications. These updated skills standards will support leadership and management skills in meat processing, helping industry keep up with strong global and local demands for Australian meat. For more information visit the project page.

New Meat Processing Projects Approved for 2020-21

We are excited about working with industry and IRCs on a new round of projects to update skills standards in the following meat industry sectors: Meat Rendering Electric Slicing Skills (Meat) Pre-Rendering Meat Processing Technologies If you are interested in participating as a subject matter expert for any of these skills, please contact us. You can find out more about becoming an SME in the new FAQ section of the Skills Impact website. There will be other opportunities to feedback throughout the duration of each … Read More

Specialist Meat Processing Skills Standards Endorsed

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the projects listed below, Australia’s meat processing industry will soon have access to updated skills standards for a range of specialist job roles. The units and skill sets have been endorsed by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee and State and will soon be considered for endorsement by the State and Territory Ministers, before being published on training.gov.au and available for RTOs to put on scope. For further information visit the individual project pages.

Thank You for Providing Feedback on Food & Beverage Skills Standards

Job roles in the food and beverage processing industry have changed over the past ten years, as consumer trends drive innovations in traceability, automation, and contaminant control. Thanks to those who provided feedback on the draft units, skill sets and qualifications, the skills standards for this work are one step closer to being updated. Your comments are currently being used to inform further updates to the drafts, which will be made available for validation later this year. This will take place … Read More

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