Cert IV in Farriery Meets the Mark

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We caught up with Master Farrier at Flemington Stables Mark Cumming, who was involved in the Farriery Project last year and is excited the Cert IV is now available for training providers to use. Farriery is an increasingly sophisticated occupation and the skills and tasks involved have changed over the years, so it was important to make sure the qualification matched up with how the job is done today. Mark said he looks forward to hiring apprentices in future, who will be trained in a qualification … Read More

What is a Training Package?

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It’s a question we are hear a lot, but maybe the real question is – why are they important? Or, why should I be interested in training packages? Industry plays a vital role in the process of updating training packages and to benchmark the skills standards for their job roles. This way the qualifications can be reviewed to match the current needs and expectations of the workforce. The advantage of training packages is that they offer a national and industry-led approach … Read More

Future Industry Directions and Skills Needs Submitted to AISC

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Many of you provided advice on the direction and skill needs of your industry between now and 2022. These views have been compiled and submitted to the Australian Industry Skills Committee (AISC), documented in industry-specific IRC Skills Forecasts and Proposed Schedules of Work. One of the clear themes to emerge during consultation was the need to look at different ways to address industry skill needs, in addition to reviewing qualifications and units. This year some different types of projects have … Read More

New Food & Beverage Processing Project

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These days people want to know exactly where their food comes from, how it’s packaged and what’s in it. In response, the food and beverage processing industry is adopting innovations to improve traceability, control contaminants, and further automate processes. As a result of these changes and more, some of the most used qualifications in food and beverage processing are now in need of updating, to make sure training matches with current requirements for skills, knowledge and practices.    

Seafood Industry Projects Submitted to AISC

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New and revised qualifications and skills standards to support a wide range of job roles have been finalised and submitted to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) for endorsement. They have been developed as part of three national projects and consultation across the country. We thank the more than 200 industry members who provided detailed feedback and dedicated their time and expertise. It has resulted in qualifications and skills standards that incorporate the essential skills for managing biosecurity issues and … Read More

Skills Priorities and Projects for Pulp & Paper Manufacturing Industry

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We’re seeking your feedback on the priority skills that have been identified for the pulp and paper industries between 2019 and 2022.They are documented in a draft IRC Skills Forecast and Proposed Schedule of Work (Skills Forecast) document. Several projects have been proposed to address these priority skills, as summarised in the grey box below. Feedback is being collected up until 14 May 2019. The IRC Skills Forecast will be considered by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC). The information will be used … Read More

Arboriculture Qualifications & Units Available for Validation

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You’re invited to provide feedback on the redrafted qualifications and units of competency for the Arboriculture Project. They will be available on the Skills Impact website for your comment and validation until 12 May 2019. A key focus of this project has been to remove significant barriers to training and assessment. Five qualifications have been revised. In addition, two new skill sets have been developed and 39 units have been revised or developed to support the qualifications. The deletion of one qualification … Read More

Skills Impact’s Submission to the VET Review

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Skills Impact made a submission to the Expert Review into Australia’s VET Sector in late January. In this submission, we made a number of suggestions to improve the VET sector, based off our discussions with industry and training providers, such as: Greater recognition of training undertaken in workplaces and industry’s role in competency assessment. Recognition of various levels of competency (i.e. the difference between somebody that is safe to operate in a workplace, versus somebody who is highly competent in their job … Read More

Government’s Delivering Skills for Today and Tomorrow Package

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The Government recently announced its Delivering Skills for Today and Tomorrow package in response to the Expert Review into Australia’s VET Sector led by the Hon Steven Joyce. The Expert Review looked at a host of issues in a very short time and made 71 recommendations, many of which require cooperation of states. The review proposes a range of improvements for the VET sector, and any review that aims to improve the VET sector for industry and training providers is welcomed. The Expert Review supported the role of industry … Read More

Our Privacy Policy

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We have recently made two clarifications to our privacy policy: Our policy stated that any feedback you provide on draft documents on our online Feedback Hub will remain anonymous and only shared with Skills Impact’s “internal staff”. We have clarified this statement to be “Skills Impact staff and training package contractors working directly on the project”. This message is reflected on the Feedback Hub also. We have also clarified that “if you provide feedback on a project your name will be listed in … Read More

Upcoming Presentations

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Skills Impact has been invited to present at four major stakeholder network events in the coming months. Our presentations will focus on feedback and discussions we have had with many of you about how the VET sector can be improved. Our team has over 2,000 interactions with industry and training providers each quarter. Events like this are a great opportunity to share these view points. NCVER No Frills The NCVER No Frills event is being held in Adelaide, from 10-12 … Read More

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