New Forest and Wood Products Projects Underway

Work has begun on a new round of new projects in the forestry and timber industry. Qualifications and skills standards will be reviewed and developed to reflect the skills required for entry level roles, high-level roles and remote operations. There will be opportunities to feedback throughout the duration of each project. You will be notified when drafts are available for comment through this newsletter. Please feel free to pass on this information to colleagues. You are also welcome to contact us or ForestWorks about the … Read More

NCVER Podcast about the Apprentice Brand

Ian Curry, Deputy Chair of the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical IRC is interviewed in the latest NCVER Vocational Voices podcast. Ian joins the host Steve Davis and  Simon Walker, Managing Director of NCVER, to discuss the future of traditional trades and how the perception of apprenticeships has changed over the years. Listen here

Pharmaceutical Bioprocessing Units Submitted for Endorsement

Thanks to the contributions of everyone involved in this project, updated units will soon be available to support skills in pharmaceutical bioprocessing manufacture and distribution. The documents have recently been submitted to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) for endorsement, after which they will be forwarded to State and Territory Ministers. Once endorsed the units will then be published on and be made available for use. To view the submitted documents and for more information, visit the project page.

High Volume Production Baking Skills Standards Available for Feedback

The skills required in the plant baking sector are shifting, as high demand for a variety of baked goods in Australian supermarkets drives industry to become increasingly digitalised and automated. A draft qualification and units are now available for review and feedback as part of this project. They have been updated in consultation with industry experts to reflect the updated skills needed for high volume production baking, including skills for working with automated equipment and enhanced traceability and supply chain systems. To … Read More

New Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Review Project

A new project is underway to review and revise all qualifications and skills standards within the PPM Pulp & Paper Manufacturing Industry Training Package, so they reflect current job roles, new technologies and processes and the current regulatory environment. The need for a skilled pulp and paper workforce in Australia has been reinforced by the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw record demand for products such as toilet paper, tissues, medical, sanitary and packaging products. Job roles and the type of products being … Read More

Wage Subsidies for New Trainees  

Now’s your opportunity to take on and train new employees, with a 50 per cent wage subsidy available to businesses that take on new apprentices or trainees Do you know a young person in your community who is looking for work? It is a great opportunity to give back to the community and help somebody looking for a job, offering them a career in your sector! The Government announced this new wage subsidy as part of its $1.2 billion Boosting … Read More

New Projects in Progress

Since our last update, things have progressed with the new projects. Project webpages have been published for some, with the remainder becoming available over the coming weeks. You can read more about the projects and get involved by visiting the project pages. Agriculture and Horticulture Projects Landscaping Project Parks and Gardens Project Crops, Pastures and Seed Project Dairy and milk harvesting Project Animal Reproduction Project Skills for Land Rehabilitation Project (Mined Land) Animal Care and Management Projects Horse Care Project Food, … Read More

Traditional and New Skills Recognised, from Crocs to Aquabotics

From the latest in futuristic underwater robotics to the correct way to handle crocodiles’ eggs, the aquaculture and wild catch industry has contributed a great deal of insight into industry job roles and skills needs. As a result of their efforts, new and revised skills standards have been developed as part of two industry-driven projects: the Fishtech and Aquabotics Project and the Work with Crocodiles Project. The success of these projects is due to the contributions of industry from across … Read More

AHC Projects Being Finalised

As a result of industry input, the below projects are now in the finalisation stage. This involves review by the State/Territory Training Authorities, the relevant IRC/s, the Australian Industry and Skills Committee, and State/Territory Ministers. Once endorsed, the new skills standards will be published on and available for RTOs to put on scope. For further information visit the individual project pages.

National Agriculture Day 2020

This year on AgDay, we celebrate the values that bring us together! Whether city or bush-based, in Australia we are all motivated to create a better future for our families and our environment. It is these values that drive our farmers to produce high quality food and fibre every day for everybody in Australia and around the world. We are all a part of the same cycle, all moving in the same direction. The National Farmers’ Federation has highlighted 4 key … Read More

New AHC Projects Underway

Six new projects have now commenced across the agriculture, horticulture, conservation and land management (AHC) industries. Technological advances are continuing to drive change and provide opportunities for growth as industry works to meet increasing demand for food and fibre in Australia and globally. Increases in productivity, and the capacity to rehabilitate and maintain ecosystems and green spaces are key objectives. The qualifications and skills standards for a range of job roles will be revised and updated to reflect current skills needs. You are … Read More

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