Final Landscaping Drafts Available for Comment Soon

Landscapers are able to enrich people’s lives with well designed, constructed and maintained green spaces in homes and public spaces. To do so they require skills in horticulture, plant care, and working with a range of materials. Qualifications and skills standards for this sector are being updated so that they reflect current industry trends, support safe work practices, and promote clear career pathways. The final draft skills standards will be available for validation and comment in the coming week. Visit the project … Read More

Your views are sought: do final draft skills standards for Parks and Gardens meet industry needs?

As industry develops more sustainable and efficient ways to care for our public parks and gardens, the skills required for this work are changing. Qualifications and skills standards for work in parks and gardens are being updated to reflect current terminology, equipment and practices, including sustainable use of materials and workplace health and safety requirements. The final draft documents are now available for validation and further comment. Please let us know your views to confirm that the changes made reflect real job … Read More

Thanks for Your Feedback on Industry Environment & Developments

The pulp and paper manufacturing sector produces many essential products used in households and businesses every day. This has been highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw increased consumer demand for products like toilet paper, tissues, paper-based medical equipment and hygiene products. Thank you for your comments on information outlined in the Annual Update to the IRC Skills Forecast and Proposed Schedule of Work (Skills Forecast) made available for feedback from 30 April – 14 May 2021. This year’s Annual Update identifies specific changes to … Read More

Your Chance to Comment on Whether Final Pulp and Paper Drafts Meet Industry Needs

The pulp and paper manufacturing sector is turning to the latest in science and technology to adapt to consumer preferences and develop more sustainable processes. As a result, the way work is done across the sector is changing. National qualifications and skills standards are being revised by industry to reflect these developments. Your feedback on the initial drafts has been used to inform further updates to the documents. They are now available for validation and further comment. The qualifications have … Read More

Final Drafts for Ag and Horticulture Projects Available for Comment Soon

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the projects below so far. Your feedback is crucial so that the skills standards and qualifications for these industries reflect real job tasks and roles. The final drafts will be available for your comment and validation over the next couple of weeks, along with a summary of feedback provided and how it has been used in the final drafts.

Your Chance to Comment on Whether the Final Animal Reproduction Drafts Meet Industry Skill Needs

Livestock and poultry farmers have been building on the skills needed to manage livestock reproduction programs for generations, more recently adopting a range of new technologies such as sensors, trackers and ultrasound equipment. Industry has been leading this project to make sure the qualifications and skills standards for this work reflect current industry needs. Thank to everybody that has provided input on the project so far.  Your comments have been considered and incorporated into these final draft documents. Your help is now needed to … Read More

Greyhound Racing Careers & Jockeys Project in Final Stages

An improved qualification for those starting out their career in the racing industry and an improved qualification for jockeys will soon become available, thanks to the contributions of everyone involved in this project. New entrants have a range of opportunities and pathways to choose from, all of which require foundation skills in animal welfare and sporting integrity. The Certificate II in Racing Industry has been updated to better reflect the skills requirements of entry level careers in the racing industry across … Read More

Updates to Racing & Breeding Industry Skills Forecast

We are seeking your feedback on a key training package project that has been proposed for 2021 – 2022 and specific changes to the industry environment that have been identified in this year’s Annual Update to the IRC Skills Forecast and Proposed Schedule of Work (Skills Forecast). The racing and breeding industry’s strict biosecurity protocols meant the workforce was fortunate to experience fewer COVID-19-related disruptions than many other Australian industries in 2020. The pandemic did, nonetheless, highlight the critical importance of training and development for industry participants. The … Read More

Thanks for Your Feedback on Proposed Project & Industry Changes 

Thank you to those who provided feedback on a key training package project proposed for 2021 – 2024 and specific changes to the industry environment that were identified in this year’s Annual Update to the IRC Skills Forecast and Proposed Schedule of Work (Skills Forecast). Australia’s reputation for producing high quality meat has been built by a skilled and trained meat processing workforce. This year’s Annual Update includes information about employers’ use of training packages and qualifications, barriers to hiring apprentices and trainees, and reasons behind non-completion rates. … Read More

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