Meat Processing Units & Skills Sets Published

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The new and revised units of competency and skill sets reflect the skills and knowledge to support systems and programs to protect the quality of meat products, from contaminants, pests and food fraud. With the support of these new skills standards, industry can continue to produce high quality and safe meat products for local and overseas markets. The revised qualifications and skills standards were endorsed by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC), at their meeting on 13 August 2019 (read more). Visit … Read More

New Green Walls & Rooftop Gardens Project

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Green walls and rooftops help to cool our cities, manage storm water and improve air quality. These ‘living’ roofs and walls are growing with popularity, as they offer city residents healthy, environmentally responsible buildings. The growing interest is encouraged by government policy, as well as increased availability of technology that makes their construction and maintenance easier and more economical.  

Skills Standards for Biosecurity, Medicinal Crops, Conservation and Land Management Under Development

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The following projects are currently in the development phase, meaning work on the draft documents is underway and they will soon be made available for public viewing and feedback. Registrations are now open for consultation workshops and webinars for the Medicinal Crops Project, which will take place throughout the country in October. Click through to view the individual project pages, including details of upcoming public consultation workshops: Conservation and Land Management Project Ag Biosecurity and Emergency Response Project Medicinal Crops Project (Register … Read More

Arboriculture Skills and Job Roles Captured

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Australia’s Arboriculture industry can look forward to a better reflection of job roles in revised qualifications and units and newly developed skill sets and units. Consultation with working arborists, registered training organisations and government organisations has occurred throughout this project, to ensure revised training options can support this in-demand industry into the future. Those involved will be pleased to know the draft documents have now been submitted to the AISC for endorsement, after which they will be made available for use by … Read More

Chance to Review Draft Qualifications in Agronomy, Horticulture, Nursery & Rural Merchandising

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Want to make sure your industry has access to qualifications that reflect the most recent skills, knowledge, and practices? Get involved with one of the below projects by signing up for a workshop or webinar and commenting on the draft qualifications, skill sets, and units. Click through to the individual project pages for more details and to have your say.

New Meat Industry Projects

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Work is underway on four new meat industry projects, covering skills relevant to the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of meat processing, halal meat processing, poultry processing and game harvesting. For details of timelines, scope and opportunities to get involved, follow the links to the individual project pages below.

Update on Food & Beverage Processing Project

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You are invited to provide initial feedback on the units and identify any skills gaps or areas for improvement. To have your say visit the project page Thank you to the training providers that responded to our survey to understand how the qualifications are currently being delivered. Results of this survey are also available on the project page.

New Forestry & Timber Projects Underway

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Work has already begun on three projects across the Forestry and Timber industry. This includes a project to address changes brought about by New Harvesting Technologies, one to update unique skills across Timber Merchandising, and another to streamline qualifications in Timber Truss and Frame Estimating and Design. For details of timelines, scope and opportunities for involvement, see the links to the individual project pages below. Get Involved If you have experience in any of these areas, there are a number of steps you … Read More

New Projects in Agriculture and Horticulture

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Work has already begun to identify the specific skills needs of a range of sectors across agriculture and horticulture. You may have already read about new projects covering skills in Agronomy; Biosecurity and Emergency Response; Conservation and Land Management; and Medicinal Crops. In addition, work has begun on two more projects in Rural Merchandising and Sales, and Horticulture and Nursery. For details of timelines, scope and opportunities for involvement, see the links to the individual project pages below. Get Involved If you have experience in … Read More

New Aquaculture Project Underway

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The project will review relevant units of competency to ensure they can be used in the context of real-time distant operations. There is also scope to develop new units and skills sets if necessary. Visit the project page for more information. Get Involved If you have experience in this emerging area of aquaculture, there are a number of steps you can take to get involved: Make sure your subscription preferences are up to date to receive newsletter updates on the project … Read More

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