Draft AHC Qualifications and Skills Standards Available for Comment Soon

Draft qualifications and skills standards for jobs roles across pig, poultry and organic farming, as well as composting, permaculture, and water trading will be available for viewing and comment in the coming months. We encourage your input. Follow the links below for further details. Respect for Country Job Skills Project Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures have developed skills and knowledge for respecting Country over thousands of years. Some of these skills are described in nationally endorsed qualifications, skill sets and units … Read More

Your Feedback Sought on Draft Qualifications and Skills Standards for Ag & Horticulture Core Skills

There are technical skills and knowledge that underpin many core work functions across Australia’s agriculture, horticulture, conservation and land management industry. This includes vital skills for supporting work health and safety, environmental practices, quality assurance procedures and workplace recording, as well as the skills to support research initiatives, staff performance, and community related projects and programs, and the skills required to build and maintain infrastructure. These fundamental skills have evolved in recent years, meaning the national skills standards require updating. With … Read More

2021 VNCA Veterinary Nursing Industry Survey 

Veterinary nurses and technicians are invited to take part in the 2021 VNCA Veterinary Nursing Industry Survey. The Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia (VNCA) is gathering data through the survey to help get a picture of the current trends and status of the veterinary nursing industry, including the working environment, practice type, qualifications held, job roles, hours worked, salaries and skill sets of people working within the sector in Australia. The survey takes about 10 – 15 minutes to complete and closes at midnight on … Read More

Draft Horse Care Qualifications & Skills Standards Being Finalised

Thanks to the contributions of everyone involved in this project, the skills required to care for horses across a range of environments and scenarios have been captured in updated qualifications, skill sets and units of competency. The qualifications, skill sets and units have been endorsed by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) and have been forwarded to State and Territory Ministers for their consideration. Once endorsed by the Ministers, the qualifications, skill sets and units will be published on the national … Read More

Forestry and Timber Projects Being Finalised

As a result of the contributions of all involved in the projects below, updated qualifications and skills standards will soon be available to support career pathways, safety practices, and high level forestry skills. The final draft units of competency have been submitted to Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) for consideration and endorsement, after which they will be forwarded to State and Territory Ministers. They have undergone an edit and equity and independent quality assurance process, to ensure they are … Read More

New Forestry and Timber Projects Approved for 2021-22

Over the next 12 months or so two projects are under way to revise the national qualifications and skills standards that capture skills in sawmilling and timber processing, and responding and assisting during bushfires. The processes to review, update and develop these skills standards is being driven by industry. We encourage your input. Follow the links below for further details.

Consultation Taking Place about Sugar Milling Project

As the nature of the sugar milling industry changes, with sugar producers becoming increasingly automated, updated skills are needed. While industry regularly uses the national qualifications and skills standards to inform in-house training and to define job roles, they are not being delivered or assessed by any registered training organisation (RTO). Consultation is taking place with industry about the qualifications and skills standards for sugar milling, to determine if updates to improve training deliverability and support more flexible career pathways … Read More

Draft Pharmaceutical GMP Units Available for Feedback

Good manufacturing practice (GMP)  are a set of principles that underpin the entire pharmaceutical industry, supporting production of high quality and consistent pharmaceutical goods. Your feedback on initial draft units has been considered to update four pharmaceutical GMP units, which are now available for validation. Your input is invited to check the drafts are accurate before they move into the finalisation stage. They have been updated to clarify how skills in GMP are demonstrated, reflect current industry practice, remove duplication of information within … Read More

Draft Skills Standards for Australian Native and Bush Food Available for Feedback

Unique skills are required for cultivating, harvesting, processing and promoting Australian native and bush foods. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been cultivating and consuming Australian native foods for tens of thousands of years and play an important role in this rapidly growing activity and industry. A draft skill set has been developed to capture the skills required to establish an Australian native and bush food business. It is intended to support the establishment of Australian native or bush … Read More

Now Published: Meat Slicing & Rendering Skills Standards 

Thank you to all those who contributed the projects to review skills standards for meat slicing and rendering processes. As a result of your efforts, the qualifications, skills sets and units of competency for this work reflect real job functions and roles. They have now been published on the national training register (training.gov.au).

Qualifications and Units Available for feedback for Essential Meat Processing Skills

Skills in meat safety, quality assurance, and leadership are crucial across the entire meat processing industry, promoting Australia’s reputation for high quality meat products. That’s why it’s important that the qualifications and skills standards that support this work are kept up to date and relevant. If you have experience in the meat processing industry, your feedback is invited on draft qualifications and units that are now available on the Skills Impact website. They have been reviewed and updated to include updated … Read More

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