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Now Published: Meat Slicing & Rendering Skills Standards 

Thank you to all those who contributed the projects to review skills standards for meat slicing and rendering processes. As a result of your efforts, the qualifications, skills sets and units of competency for this work reflect real job functions and roles. They have now been published on the national training register (training.gov.au).

Meat Slicing Project

Operating meat slicing equipment safety and effectively requires unique expertise. This equipment is used in smallgoods retailers, delicatessens, supermarkets, and retail butchers, as well as in poultry processing and food processing.

Previously, the unit that captured the skills for slicing product using simple machinery was specific to the smallgoods industry. As a result of the efforts of all involved in this project, the unit for meat slicing has been updated to broaden its use across all applicable sectors. The skill sets and qualifications containing the unit have also been updated to reflect changes to the unit.

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Meat Rendering Project

The overall sustainability of the meat processing industry is reliant on rendering and pre-rendering processes that turn materials that would otherwise be waste into a range of products used for human and animal consumption, fertiliser and other consumer goods.

Thanks to those who participated in this project, the qualifications and units for rendering and pre-rendering processes have been reviewed and updated to reflect current terminology and processes, and provide more flexible choice of units for learners.

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