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New Sawmill Qualifications & Skills Standards Available for Use

Thanks to the input of numerous industry representatives who volunteered their time and expertise, the timber industry now has access to qualifications and skills standards that reflect technological advancements and recent changes to process optimisation within sawmills.

The skills standards were developed to support the skills and knowledge requirements of wood machinists, saw technicians, optimisation managers and optimisation technicians.

Technological advancements and market demands have had a significant impact on how wood machinists and saw technicians perform their job. Qualifications, skills sets and units were developed and updated to reflect current practices, equipment and terminology. Units were also developed and revised to support production efficiencies in sawmills, including the use of optimisation software to process information from a range of scanning technologies.

The skills standards were developed as part of two national projects, over an 11 month period, in consultation with industry and with guidance from a Technical Advisory Committee.

They are published on the training.gov.au website, within the FWP Forest and Wood Products Training Package. RTOs can find information to help them deliver the new and revised units in the Companion Volume, linked on vetnet.gov.au.

More information is available on the individual project pages.