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New Projects – Update on Progress

Below is a list of projects being undertaken by Skills Impact during 2018-2019 to improve industry vocational qualifications.

The need for this work has been driven by various developments, trends, issues or challenges within industry, which are impacting job roles and skill needs. For example, the Aboriculture Project aims to address falling training enrolment numbers by removing significant barriers to training and assessment. Arborists are on the National Skills Needs List and employers are facing severe challenges in attracting skilled staff.

The drivers for each of these projects were outlined in the 2018-2020 Skills Forecasts. They were approved for development by the Australian Industry Skills Committee (AISC).

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Project planning has commenced on all the projects. The links above take you to the relevant project webpage where you can find the scope, timeline, key deliverables, relevant occupations, project team members and details of the consultation process.

Click here for an outline of the project development process.

Subject Matter Experts are currently being identified. Feedback is welcomed as the qualifications, skill sets and units need to reflect real work experience. If you work in any of the sectors covered by these projects, Skills Impact would like to hear from you.

Your feedback is welcomed at any time. You can contact the relevant project manager via contact details on the project page. To keep informed of project updates and consultation opportunities, please also confirm your subscription preferences.