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New Projects Approved for 2020-21

We are excited about commencing work on new projects that have just been approved by the Australian Industry and Skills Council (AISC).

The AISC are in the process of considering the projects submitted by IRCs in this year’s Annual Updates to the Skills Forecasts. So far, the following projects have been approved for the agriculture, horticulture, animal care, meat, racing and breeding industries.

Proposed projects for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical, forestry and timber, and pulp and paper industries will be considered by the AISC in August.

Agriculture and Horticulture Projects

  • Units for the following sectors will be reviewed:
    • Landscaping, including parks and gardens
    • Broad acre and seed production
    • Dairy and milk harvesting
  • Animal reproduction
  • The rehabilitation of mined land

Animal Care and Management Projects

  • Equine care careers
  • Pre-requisite barriers to training

Meat Projects

  • Meat rendering
  • Electric meat slicing skills
  • Pre-rendering meat processing

Racing and Breeding Projects

  • Alteration to packaging rules and application statement in Certificate II in Racing Industry
  • Simplifying Certificate IV Qualifications for Riders and Drivers

How to get involved

Work on these projects will commence in the coming few months. If you have experience in any of these areas and are interested in participating as a subject matter expert, please contact us. There will be opportunities for feedback throughout the duration of each project. Details will be shared through news alerts, the Skills Impact website and social media channels. Subscribe to news alerts here.

The need for these projects was identified by the IRC, through their networks and information collected by our daily interactions with industry and RTOs about skills gaps in qualifications and skills standards.

View the AISC Communique