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New Projects

The Australian Industry Skills Committee (AISC) has approved a number of new projects for 2018/19.

The Industry Reference Committees (IRC) for each sector will oversee project development for their industries, as part of their responsibility to support engagement with industry and to ensure the projects meet stakeholder needs. Skills Impact will develop the new training package components while supporting the IRC’s oversight role.


Food and beverage industry

Artisanal Food and Beverage Project

In recent years, the increase in popularity of regional, local and niche produce such as cheese, fermented foods, beer, cider and distilled spirits has exposed skills gaps in current national vocational qualifications, skill sets and units of competency. This new project will look at the skills and knowledge requirements in these unique sectors to develop qualifications, skill sets and units that meet industry needs.

Visit project webpage

Animal care and management industry

Scoping is underway to improve qualifications, skill sets and units relating to animal care and welfare in the following three areas:

  • Horse education
  • Animal incident management
  • Animal technology

Project pages will be available on our website shortly.

Aquaculture and seafood industry

Seafood Industry Compliance Project

This project will review qualifications, skill sets and units of competency to address the growing compliance requirements in the seafood industry.

The project is currently being scoped and a dedicated webpage will be published in the next few weeks.

Forestry and timber industry

Advances in Woodmachining & Sawdoctoring Project

This project will assess the current skills requirements for wood machinists and sawdoctors as a result of technological developments and a business imperative to operate in a competitive environment. This project will result in revised woodmachining and sawdoctoring qualifications, which underpin industry’s apprenticeships and traineeships programs for these trades.


Sawmill Timber & Process Optimisation Project

This project will improve and develop new units of competency to address skills requirements for the optimisation within sawmills, relating to log sorting, sawing in the green mill, dry mill processing and grading and timber treatment.

Project pages will be available on our website shortly.

Racing and breeding industry

Educating Ex-Racing Animals Project

This project will look at the skills required to assess, re-train and re-home horses and greyhounds after their racing careers have finished, and to incorporate these skills into qualifications, skill sets and units for the racing industry.


Racehorse Breeding Skills Project

Australian horse racing is reliant on the breeding of high quality horses. This project will look at the knowledge and skills that are essential to breed racehorses in line with specific Australian breeding requirements, taking in to consideration foaling down, nutrition, development of the foal, knowledge of pedigrees, animal welfare, business management and relevant rules and regulations.


Greyhound Health Assistance Skills Project

This project will explore and identify the skills and knowledge requirements for non-veterinary providers administering complementary medicine to greyhounds/canines, such as massage and first-aid.

Project pages will be available on our website shortly.

Other potential projects

More information about potential projects for the agricultural, horticultural, conservation, land management and meat processing industries will be communicated soon.



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