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New Animal Technology Project in Initial Stages 

Existing animal technology qualifications and units of competency are being reviewed as part of a new project. They will be updated to reflect current industry practices, regulatory requirements and codes of practice, with the aim to support quality training and ethical conduct for people whose work involves the use of animals for scientific practice. The potential for new skills sets and units will be investigated as part of the review process.

Animal technology is a specialist profession responsible for the care and welfare of laboratory animals. It helps develop treatments for diseases, new methods of diagnosis and other benefits arising from scientific research methods.

Visit project page for more information about the project scope, timeline, deliverables and stakeholder consultation process.


Other Projects of Interest

Two other projects are currently being undertaken within the Animal Care and Management industry. The Animal Incident Management and Horse Education Project are in the planning stage, with drafts anticipated to be available for feedback in February 2019.

Animal Incident Management Project

This project will develop qualifications, skill sets and units relating to incidents involving large animals, and large groups of animals, with the aim to help minimise the risk of injury to people involved and to improve the welfare outcomes for the animals. This also includes developing and reviewing units around animal first aid.
Visit the project page

Horse Education Project

A particular focus of this project will be developing units of competency that foster a safe environment for learners and ensure the welfare of horses being educated. Also being reviewed and developed are skills around horse branding and identification, and horse transport.

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