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Have Your Say on Skills Standards for Water Allocation & Entitlements

Extended timelines for the holiday season

The skills to effectively operate in Australia’s various water markets are so valuable to Australian farmers and irrigators. Access to water trading can increase farm productivity, allow choice and flexibility in business decision-making and reduce risk. These skills are especially important for small and family farms, which, unlike larger enterprises, are often unable to directly employ water market experts.

Industry and subject matter experts have been consulted to help draft three units of competency that capture the unique skills required to effectively work within the complexities of Australia’s water market.

These draft units incorporate the skills farmers and those with water entitlements require to correctly engage with water trading practices, including the purchase and selling of water, navigating carry over water or continuous accounting options and how to procure, receive and monitor water.

Your feedback and comments on these draft units is encouraged. They will be available for an extended period, to account for the festive break. They will be available until 4 February 2022.

To view the draft documents and to have your say, visit the project page.