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Greyhounds Project: Finalised Units & Qualifications

Thank you to those who participated in the validation process for the final draft units of competency, skill sets and qualifications.

They have now been submitted to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) for consideration and endorsement, along with a Companion Volume Implementation Guide. Once endorsed, the final units, skill sets and qualifications will be available for use by registered training organisations (RTOs). This means that RTOs can decide to deliver training to these new standards and offer this training to anyone wanting to receive learning, instruction and qualifications for working with greyhounds and the racing industry. This training will be available to anybody in industry that chooses to undertake nationally recognised training.

Visit the project webpage to find out more and to view the final draft documents submitted to the AISC.


These new and updated units, skill sets and qualifications have been drafted in consultation with industry to reflect the current skills requirements of the greyhound industry, and to encapsulate racing integrity and animal welfare skills and knowledge.