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Forestry & Timber Projects Qualifications & Units Available for Validation

You’re invited to provide feedback on the redrafted qualifications, skill sets and units of competency relating to Advances in Wood Machining and Sawdoctoring, and Sawmill Timber and Process Optimisation.

The documents will be available on our website for validation and feedback until 11 March 2019.

This round of feedback is about checking the documents are logical and factually accurate. Let us know whether the final drafts accurately reflect the current industry skills standards, knowledge and practices and whether all job functions are accurately described.

Please follow the links to the project webpages below.

Advances in Woodmachining and Sawdoctoring Project

Two qualifications, 10 new units of competency and 39 revised units have been drafted to address technological advancements and a competative business environment in woodmachining and sawdoctoring. Several units are proposed for removal from each of the qualifications.

Visit the project webpage

Sawmill Timber and Process Optimisation Project

Six new units have been developed and 11 existing units revised to address skills requirements for optimisation of timber and material flow within sawmills. One unit is proposed for deletion.

Visit the project webpage