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Feedback Sought on Meat Industry Skills Standards

Have your say on how skills standards are defined for the meat processing industry.

Draft units of competency, skill sets and qualifications are now available for your review and comment, covering skills relevant to the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of meat processing, halal meat processing, poultry processing and game harvesting.

To view the draft documents and provide input on the skills described within them, follow the links to the individual project pages below.

Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Meat Processing Project

Skills at a management and leadership level are the key to upholding Australia’s strong reputation for high quality meat products and keeping up with high customer demand.

The diploma and advanced diploma level qualifications support skills at this level, equipping the industry for future challenges and opportunities.

Draft units of competency and qualifications are now available for broad industry feedback. They have been updated to address a broader range of industry sectors, including feedlots, poultry processing, and maintenance management and to further support skills in animal welfare across the supply chain.

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Game Harvesting Auditing Project

Game field depots play an important role in transporting harvested game from individual game harvesters to meat processors. While the game industry has been moving towards more formalised training requirements, the auditing of game field depots has emerged as a skills gap.

Subject Matter Experts in the game harvesting auditing industry have helped capture the skills standards in this area. They have been documented in one new unit of competency and one new skill set, which are now available for review and comment from the broader industry.

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Halal Meat Processing

The Australian meat processing industry is supporting a move towards a single Australian halal certification scheme. This would help support the continued success of Australian halal meat products in local and international markets.

Do you have experience in halal meat processing? You’re invited to provide input on draft skills standards as described in two new units of competency and one new skill set.

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Poultry Processing Project

Demand for poultry products in Australia is on the rise. To keep up with demand, while still producing high quality products, the Australian poultry processing industry is becoming increasingly automated.

Industry has driven this project to draft new units and a skill set, capturing skills needed for a range of poultry processing job roles.

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