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Feedback on Draft Skills Standards in Forestry and Timber

Draft units and qualifications have been developed in consultation with industry to capture skills required for timber building supply and new timber harvesting technologies. Have your say on whether the skills standards meet industry needs by following the links below.

Timber Merchandising Project

Those working within timber supply play an integral role in facilitating the sale of timber and timber products. Specific knowledge and skills are needed to facilitate the sale of timber and timber products, ensuring customers receive the right services and products.

These skills have been captured in two new qualifications and four revised units of competency, which are now available for comment.

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New Timber Harvesting Technologies Project

New technologies in the forestry industry are making it possible to work is ways that are more productive, sustainable and safe. As these developments shift the way work is done, higher levels of technical and digital skills are needed.

To address these changes in the forestry industry, drafts of five new units and 24 revised units are now available for your review and feedback.

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Skills Standards on the Way for Timber Truss & Frame Estimating & Design

Timber trusses and frames are an essential element for building many Australian houses and other structures. Industry has indicated that nationally endorsed units and qualifications do not match current job titles, roles and practices, indicating a need to revise their content and structure.

Work is underway to revise these skills standards, capturing the skills needed to work in timber systems design, and support the skills demand for timber systems designers.

Draft units and qualifications will be available for review and comment in mid-February.

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