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Equine Safety in Training Project: Validation Sought on Final Drafts

Thank you to everybody who provided feedback on the draft of units of competency. All feedback from industry has been collated and considered, along with input from the project’s Technical Advisory Committee. The final draft units, qualifications and skill sets are now available for industry validation.

Validation means checking or proving that something is logically and factually accurate. We are seeking your views on whether current safe work practices have been incorporated into the following qualifications, units of competency and skill sets, where people have contact with horses. The consultation period for this Validation stage of the project will be open until Friday 26 May.

We have summarised the feedback and how it has been considered and incorporated into the relevant units, qualifications and skill sets. This information can be viewed when clicking the validation form on the project webpage.



You are welcome to provide validation on as many of the final draft units, qualifications and skill sets as you would like. Please also feel free to share the final drafts with others who may be interested in providing validation.

Once industry has validated the final drafts they will be submitted to the relevant Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) for sign off. After final quality assurance of the drafts, they will be submitted to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) to consider and approve for publication on training.gov.au.