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Draft meat processing qualifications & units available for validation

Australia’s meat processing industry replies on core skills in meat safety, quality assurance, and leadership to produce high quality meat products. Consultation is taking place throughout this project to update the qualifications and skills standards that describe these skills, so that they are up to date and accurate.

The qualifications and units have been updated based on your feedback and are now available for validation and further comment. 

Assessment conditions have been updated in most units to require at least three forms of evidence and the assessment conditions of the ante and post-mortem inspection units have been updated to describe who would be a suitable supervisor for the unit. Meat safety qualifications have been updated to include entry requirements. Further information has been added to the two new micro meat processing safety units. The equivalence status of some units has also been updated. A skill set for a meat processing mentor has been developed.

For more information and validate the drafts, visit the project page

Opportunity to Register for a Validation Webinar

You are also encouraged to register for a consultation webinar, to discuss the draft qualifications and skills standards with the project team. You can register via the links below: