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Arboriculture Qualifications & Units Available for Validation

You’re invited to provide feedback on the redrafted qualifications and units of competency for the Arboriculture Project. They will be available on the Skills Impact website for your comment and validation until 12 May 2019.

A key focus of this project has been to remove significant barriers to training and assessment. Five qualifications have been revised. In addition, two new skill sets have been developed and 39 units have been revised or developed to support the qualifications. The deletion of one qualification and five units has also been proposed.

This round of feedback is about checking the documents are logical and factually accurate. Let us know whether the final drafts accurately reflect the current industry skills standards, knowledge and practices and whether all job functions are accurately described.

You’re encouraged to provide comment on as many of the draft documents as are relevant to you. Please feel free to share them with others who may be interested.

To provide validation and comment, please visit the project page.

Update on other projects

The four other projects within the agriculture and horticulture industry are currently undergoing an edit and equity, and independent quality assurance process. This is just the first of several checks the documents must undergo before they can be published on training.gov.au. For more information on this process and how each project has progressed so far, visit the relevant project page:

Why are these projects important to you?

We love hearing your views about how the projects are helping to improve your industry’s future. Like the comment below from holistic grazier and carbon farmer Richard Makim:

I would like to recommend and endorse the Agribusiness and Carbon Farming Project as a long overdue and worthwhile incentive for the sequestration of carbon from regenerative agriculture. With so much of the country suffering from extended drought, it is imperative to build resilience into agriculture for the fluctuating future.

If you have feedback on a project, get in touch (and don’t forget to let us know whether you’re comfortable having your comments published).

The Agriculture and Production Horticulture Industry Reference Committee (IRC) and Amenity Horticulture, Landscaping, Conservation & Land Management IRC are overseeing these projects, as part of their responsibility to support engagement with the sectors, and to ensure projects meets industry stakeholder needs.We encourage you to share this news alert with others in your network.