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Annual Update for Skills Forecasts on the Way

Annual Updates to Skills Forecasts, including proposed project work for 2020 – 2021 will soon be available for feedback on the Skills Impact website.

Skills Forecasts suggest improvements to national skills standards and qualifications. They also outline opportunities and challenges for industry engagement with the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. The information is gathered through the conversations, interactions, and feedback with so many of you, and supported with desktop research. The time and resources you share are greatly appreciated.

This year, an Annual Update for each Skills Forecast will be published, following a decision by the AISC that a comprehensive Skills Forecasts is only required once every three years, with abridged annual updates the two years between.

  • Full Skills Forecasts will describe industry skills gaps, emerging markets and changing work methods. They propose a four year plan for reviewing and developing relevant units, skill sets, and qualifications. They are created once every three years.
  • Annual Updates will identify any specific changes to the industry environment, and to address current priority issues.

This year’s Annual Update will include information about employers’ use of training packages and qualifications, barriers to hiring apprentices and trainees, and reasons behind non-completion rates. It will also look at alternative training being delivered, some of which draws on the training package, but is not delivered by registered training organisations.

Your feedback on these topics is encouraged, as well as the training package projects that have been proposed. The AISC continues to draw on the information from the Annual Updates to Skills Forecasts to create their National Schedule of training package projects and to determine future training package projects.

Please ensure you’re subscribed to the industry sectors you are interested in and you will be alerted when that specific Skills Forecast is available for feedback. Click here to update your subscription preferences.