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Animal Care & Management Qualifications and Units Available for Validation

You’re invited to provide validation and comment on the redrafted qualifications, skill sets and units of competency for the animal care and management industry. They relate to the following areas:

This round of feedback is about checking the documents are logical and factually accurate. Let us know whether the final drafts accurately reflect the current industry skills standards, knowledge and practices and whether all job functions are accurately described.

You’re encouraged to provide comment on as many of the draft documents as are relevant to you. Please feel free to share them with others who may be interested.

Animal Technology Project

Two qualifications and 13 units have been revised to take into account current practices in animal technology. Three new units and one skill set were developed, with a particular focus on ethics.

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Animal Incident Management Project

This project has reviewed one qualification and developed and reviewed a number of skill sets and units relating to incidents involving large animals, and large groups of animals. In particular, work on the drafts has focused on minimising the risk of injury to people involved and improving animal welfare outcomes.

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Horse Education Project

Feedback collected in the previous round of consultation has been implemented into five new units of competency relating to educating horses. Four existing units of competency have been revised. Two new skills sets have also been developed.

Microchipping Cats and Dogs

One unit relating to the microchipping of cats and dogs has been reviewed alongside this project. Those with experience microchipping cats and dogs are invited to provide feedback on the unit.

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You are welcome to provide feedback on as many of the draft documents as you like. They will be available for feedback until 5 April 2019.

How to Provide Feedback
The drafts can be downloaded on the project webpage. You are then invited to provide validation or further feedback via the surveys linked. There is also the option to email your feedback.