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Animal Care & Management Projects Submitted to AISC

Those who volunteered their time and expertise in animal technology, animal incident management, or horse education will be pleased to know the updated qualifications and skills standards have been submitted for endorsement.

Once endorsed by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC), the new materials will be published on the training.gov.au website making them available for use by registered training organisations (RTOs).

More information is available on the individual project pages.

Animal Technology Project

Skills Impact has worked with stakeholders across Australia in revising qualifications relating to the care and welfare of laboratory animals. They have been reviewed to reflect changes in technology and to support the ethical treatment of animals according to relevant guidelines. Visit the project page

Animal Incident Management Project

Experts in animal incident management have contributed to a review of the Certificate IV in Animal Control and Regulation. As a result, a number of new units and skill sets were developed to support the skills needed to participate safely in the rescue of animals. This includes minimising the risk of injury to people involved and improving animal welfare outcomes. Visit the project page

Horse Education Project

Stakeholders with expertise in communicating with and training horses have contributed to this project to review units in horse education. The review has addressed various skills for educating horses, from basic handling skills, to interpreting equine behaviour, transporting horses and educating horses to be ridden and driven.

One unit relating to the microchipping of cats and dogs has been reviewed alongside this project. It has been reviewed to better meet industry needs and to support the comfort and welfare of animals being microchipped.

Visit the project page