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AISC National Industry Insights Report

The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) recently launched a new online resource – the National Industry Insights Report.

The Report combines knowledge from the 64 Industry Reference Committees and provides comprehensive information on economic and employment trends, priority skills, and education and training patterns in individual industry sectors.

The Report is industry driven, bringing together industry intelligence from IRCs with broader labour market and training data. The resource is part of the AISC’s focus on creating a strong evidence base to inform VET training package development.

It includes both industry-level information and a ‘national overview’ – a cross-industry analysis of skills forecasts and trends, and factors that affect the supply and demand for skills.

The Report aims to support IRCs when developing their annual Skills Forecasts and Proposed Schedules of Work, and in prioritising VET training package development to ensure qualifications meet the current and future skills needs of industry. It is also a handy tool for businesses, training organisations, policymakers and industry groups.

The report was developed for the AISC by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER).