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AISC & IRC Chairs meeting

Cross-sector projects and training delivery challenges were high on the agenda at the 2nd meeting between the Australian Industry Skills Council (AISC) and Industry Representative Committee (IRC) Chairs, which took place in Melbourne on Thursday 27 September 2018. While previous meetings had focused on introducing and embedding the new system being overseen by the AISC, this meeting looked at some of the key learnings and issues that have been identified since inception.

The AISC expect more clarity on job outcomes in the next round of Skills Forecasts. The AISC has received submissions to suggest there is an increasing number of examples where training has not reflected the ways that work is done. An analysis of the Skills Forecasts identified common themes: the links between qualifications and job outcomes; demand from employers for qualifications and how that links to the funding system; and the links between enrolments and job demand. Another consideration for the AISC is whether there is an overemphasis on qualifications, rather than skill sets and microcredentialing.

In the introduction to the meeting, Professor John Pollaers acknowledged issues relating to the use of enrolment numbers and thin markets. This theme was picked up by Pharmaceutical Manufacturing IRC Chair Paul MacLeman and Skills Impact CEO Michael Hartman, who delivered a provocative proposition that “our focus should be about competency attainment and recognition – not RTO enrolments”. Noting that industry should be at the heart of credentialing, not just training package projects, Paul spoke about the need in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry to prove current competency, not just previous training. Paul also mentioned that no RTO delivers any of their training within Australia.