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Agricultural & Horticultural Skills Standards Published

Thanks to the input from so many of you, the qualifications and skills standards that were developed and revised as part of the following projects have been endorsed by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee and State and Territory Ministers.

Industry stakeholders from across Australia helped to define the skills outlined in these documents. Their contributions will support the skills of emerging and expanding sectors, such as the cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis; the design, construction and maintenance of green infrastructure; as well as the technical expertise required for job roles to preserve and enhance our land and ecosystems.

The qualifications and skills standards were developed and revised to reflect current job roles in the industry and incorporate the latest technologies, equipment and terminology.

They are now published on the training.gov.au website, within the AHC Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Training Package and are available for use by registered training organisations (RTOs).

For further information visit the individual project pages.

Ag Biosecurity & Emergency Response Project

Skills standards for preventing and managing biosecurity issues and outbreaks have been identified and benchmarked to job roles and activities, to support industry address the biosecurity issues within Australia today, and prevent those issues of tomorrow.
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Agronomy Project

A Diploma of Applied Agronomy has been developed to address the technical expertise required to apply agronomy practices. A skill set in digital agronomy and two units of competency in agricultural data and nutrition have also been developed, and six existing units were revised.
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Conservation & Land Management Project

Conservation and Ecosystem Management is a large and complex sector responsible for caring for Australia’s unique flora and fauna. This project reviewed and updated units related to this work, across the sub-sectors of lands, parks and wildlife; natural area restoration; conservation earthworks and pest management.
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Green Walls & Rooftop Gardens Project

Green infrastructure offers many benefits for city residents, helping to cool our cities, manage storm water and improve air quality. The unique skills required to design, construct and maintain green infrastructure have been captured in three units of competency and three skill sets.
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Horticulture & Nursery Project

The skills required to grow plants for human use are evolving as industry adopts new technologies, processes and operations. Qualifications and skills standards have been updated to incorporate the digital and technical skills required across the supply chain, including in the sectors of production horticulture, nursery production and retail nursery.
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Medicinal Crops Project

Unique skills are required to operate within the strict regulatory framework and security requirements of the medicinal crops sector. Qualifications and skills standards have been developed to reflect the roles of individuals who work in licensed medicinal cannabis facilities as cultivation technicians, assistants and in supervisory roles.
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Rural Merchandising & Sales Project

Rural merchandising workers provide vital support to Australian farmers and horticulturalists, facilitating the sale of products and services to keep agricultural and horticultural businesses efficient and economically viable. The national qualification and skills standards for rural merchandising were reviewed so they are up to date with evolving products and markets.
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