Skills Standards for Exhibited Animal Care, Marine Wildlife, Pet Care & Animal Training Submitted

Thanks to the contributions of everyone involved in the two projects below, Australia’s animal care and management industry will soon have access to updated qualifications and skills standards for caring for some of our most rare and endangered animals, as well as the animals in our homes and communities. The draft qualifications and skills standards have been reviewed by the State/Territory Training Authorities (STAs/TTAs) who have provided their support for submission to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) and State … Read More

Register for Horse Care Consultation Webinars

If you are involved in the horse care industry as a worker, employee or trainer, you’re invited to register for a consultation webinar to provide feedback on the skill needs of your industry. This is your chance to discuss draft qualifications and units that have been developed to support those pursuing careers involved in the care of horses. They are being updated to incorporate the necessary safety skills across all work tasks and to accurately reflect the variety of careers available … Read More

Reminder: High Volume Production Baking Skills Standards Available for Validation

Producing pastry, cakes, biscuits and bread to stock supermarket shelves requires shared core skills, with some unique expertise required for each category of product. With continued high demand, production of these products is also becoming increasingly digitalised and automated, meaning the skills required for the work are changing. As part of this project, the existing Certificate III in Plant Baking is proposed to be renamed the Certificate III in High Volume Baking. This updated qualification has been designed to incorporate the skills standards … Read More

Extended Transition Period For Certificate III in Sports Turf Management

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has extended the transition period of the AHC31316 Certificate III in Sports Turf Management. The qualification was updated and revised as part of project work in 2019. ASQA made the decision following a request from an RTO, with the support of Skills Impact in their role as a Skills Service Organisation. All registered training organisations (RTOs) delivering the qualification to current learners now have until 20 December 2021 to transition to the updated qualification. If you have any questions about this decision, please Contact

Your Input & Feedback is Invited on Agricultural & Horticultural Skills Standards

Your input and feedback is invited on the projects listed below. National qualifications and skills standards are being revised and updated so that they reflect current skills needs, changes in technology and industry practices. Experts in the industry are being consulted to help draft the qualifications and skills standards prior to them being made available for review and feedback by the broader industry. You have the opportunity to play a key role in defining the skills standards for job roles in the following sectors, … Read More

Agricultural & Horticultural Skills Standards Published

Thanks to the input from so many of you, the qualifications and skills standards that were developed and revised as part of the following projects have been endorsed by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee and State and Territory Ministers. Industry stakeholders from across Australia helped to define the skills outlined in these documents. Their contributions will support the skills of emerging and expanding sectors, such as the cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis; the design, construction and maintenance of green infrastructure; as … Read More

High Volume Production Baking Skills Standards Available for Validation

Extended timelines for the holiday season Australia’s plant baking sector carries out the vital work of keeping our supermarket shelves well stocked with quality baked goods. It is made of up four sub-sectors: pastry, cakes, biscuits and bread. The work to produce these baked products requires many shared skills, but each sub-sector also has its own unique requirements. Production is also becoming increasingly digitalised and automated to keep up with continued high demand. The Certificate III High Volume Baking has been updated … Read More

Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Meat Processing in Final Stages

Thank you to those who provided feedback and validation on the additional updates to the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Meat Processing. Your feedback has been considered to produce final versions of the qualifications, which are now progressing through to the final stages of the project. They are undergoing quality assurance and review and feedback from the State/Territory Training Authorities. They will then be forwarded to the Meat Industry Reference Committee for consideration and sign off, before being submitted to … Read More

Specialist Meat Processing Skills Standards Published

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the projects listed below, the specialist skills required for work in game harvesting auditing, halal meat processing, and poultry processing are now documented in national skill sets and units of competency. The units and skill sets have been endorsed by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) and the State and Territory Ministers. They are published on the website, within the AMP Australian Meat Processing Training Package. They are available for use by registered training organisations (RTOs). … Read More

New Forest Management and Harvesting Projects Underway

Work is underway on a new round of projects to review and develop qualifications and skills standards for the forest and wood product industry. Consultation will take place throughout this process to define the skills required for entry level roles, high-level roles and remote operations. There will be opportunities to feedback throughout the duration of each project. You will be notified when drafts are available for comment through this newsletter. Please feel free to pass on this information to colleagues. You are also welcome … Read More

Updated Forest and Wood Products Skills Standards Published & Available for Use

Thanks to the input of everyone who contributed to the below projects, Australia’s forest and timber industry will soon have access to updated skills standards and qualifications for a range of job roles and tasks, including timber truss and frame estimating and manufacturing, timber building products supply, and working with new harvesting technologies. The units, skill sets and qualifications have been published on and are available for RTOs to put on scope. For further information visit the individual project pages.

Feedback on the Skills to Rehabilitate Mined Land

While the skills to conserve and manage Australian’s various ecosystems are related, additional expertise is required to rehabilitate land after it has been used for mining. A group of experts have helped to describe the unique skills for this sector. A range of existing units of competency have been identified and packaged into a draft qualification and four skill sets, which could help deliver training in this sector. The draft qualification is an updated version of the Certificate III in Conservation and Ecosystem Management, … Read More

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