Permaculture, Organic Production & Composting Drafts Avialable for Validation

Techniques based around principles of permaculture, organic production and composting are used by producers to keep up with consumer demand for sustainably grown produce and support future food security. It is important the national skills standards for working with these principles are kept up to date, so that future learners are equipped with the skills to provide for human needs in a way that works with natural processes and ecology.

Draft meat processing qualifications & units available for validation

Australia’s meat processing industry replies on core skills in meat safety, quality assurance, and leadership to produce high quality meat products. Consultation is taking place throughout this project to update the qualifications and skills standards that describe these skills, so that they are up to date and accurate. The qualifications and units have been updated based on your feedback and are now available for validation and further comment.  Assessment conditions have been updated in most units to require at least three forms … Read More

Validate Pig and Poultry Farming Qualifications and Skills Standards

Skills in biosecurity, work health and safety, and animal welfare practices are essential to Australia’s pig and poultry farming industries. Consultation is taking place to update the national skills standards for this work so that they match current job functions, terminology, equipment and legislation. Online consultation sessions There is an opportunity to register for an online consultation session, where you will have the opportunity to discuss the qualification and units with the project team and other individuals from your industry. Please register … Read More

Ag & Horticulture Core Skills Qualifications and Units Available for Validation

Australia’s agriculture and horticulture industry relies on core skills in work health and safety, environmental practices, quality assurance procedures, workplace recording and related infrastructure skills. Skills to coordinate and facilitate community groups are also required. Online consultation sessions There is an opportunity to register for an online consultation session, where you will have the opportunity to discuss the qualifications, skill set and units with the project team and other individuals from your industry. Please register below. Horticulture Focus Tuesday, 31 May 2022, … Read More

Water Allocation & Entitlements Skills Project Being Finalised

Farmers and irrigators require unique skills to effectively work with Australia’s various water markets. Thanks to the contributions of everyone involved in this project, national skills standards have been developed to support the skills farmers and those with water entitlements require to correctly engage with water trading processes. This includes skills for the purchase and selling of water, navigating carry over water or continuous accounting options and how to procure, receive and monitor water.

Your Feedback on AHC Projects Collected and Being Used to Inform Further Updates

Feedback has been collected on draft qualifications and skills standards for core job functions across agriculture, horticulture, conservation and land management, as well as job roles in permaculture, organic production, composting and respecting country. Your feedback is now being used to inform further updates to the drafts, which will then be made available for validation.  

Sugar Milling Project Finalised

Sugar milling employs roughly 23,000 skilled workers in Australia, with expertise to work across the milling cycle. While staff are regularly receive in-house training from industry, registered training organisations (RTOs) have not been utilised for delivery or assessment in recent years. Extensive consultation has taken place with industry about the qualifications and skills standards for sugar milling, during which industry experts have indicated that the qualifications, skill set and units of competency will not be used for the delivery of formal training in … Read More

Pharmaceutical GMP Units Published

Skills in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) are critical to producing high quality and consistent pharmaceutical products. Feedback from industry indicated that some of the national units of competency used to train learners in pharmaceutical GMP were not accurate to current job functions and work environments.

Provide Input on New Agribusiness, Food and Fibre Industries Skills Report

Collaboration has taken place across 12 Industry Reference Committees to compile the Agribusiness, Food and Fibre Industries Skills Report. The first of its kind, the report attempts to identify common issues experienced across the Agribusiness, Food and Fibre industries. The report identifies key characteristics of these industries as: whole of value chain approach biosecurity, invasive species and pest control sustaining plants and animals ecosystem management digital and automation practices food safety, quality assurance and regulatory compliance farm and value chain risk, … Read More

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