Seafood & Aquaculture Projects: Register for Consultation Workshops

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A series of face-to-face consultation workshops are planned for the locations and dates listed below, for the two seafood and aquaculture industry projects. You are invited to attend a workshop or webinar, to provide feedback on the draft qualifications, skill sets and units of competency that are being developed as part of these projects. These drafts will be available on the project webpages for download and feedback from July-August, to correspond with the workshop dates. (Links to the project webpages are provided below.) Please feel free … Read More

Pulp & Paper Manufacturing Safety Compliance Project: Validation Sought on Final Drafts

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The final draft skill sets and units of competency are now available for validation and comment, as well as six revised qualifications. We are seeking your views on whether the final draft qualifications, skill sets and units accurately reflect the current industry skills standards and practices and whether all job functions are accurately described. Validation means checking and confirming that the documents are logical and factually accurate. These final drafts will be available for validation and feedback until 13 June 2018. To participate … Read More

AISC to Consider IRC Skills Forecasts and Determine Training Package Development Projects

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Each of the Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) that we provide services to have submitted their 2018-2021 IRC Skills Forecasts and Proposed Schedules of Work to the Australian Industry Skills Committee (AISC). The AISC will consider the skills priorities that have been identified in each document to determine training package development projects. (View projects that were approved out of the 2017-2020 IRC Skills Forecasts here). Please click the links below to view the IRC Skills Forecasts submitted to the AISC for their consideration. Animal Care and Management IRC … Read More

Seafood and Aquaculture Projects – Development of Drafts Underway

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Subject Matter Experts are currently being consulted to draft the revised qualifications, skill sets and units of competency. Meetings with these experts are taking place to address feedback that was received during the Workforce Functional Analysis workshops, as well as other feedback that was received in the early ‘Project Plan’ stage of these projects. The Workforce Functional Analysis workshops were held during March and April, with people who work directly in the Seafood Industry. These hands on workshops consisted of … Read More

Feedback Sought on Draft Pulp & Paper Skill Sets & Units

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Ten new skill sets and 40 revised units of competency are now available for broad stakeholder review and feedback. The skill sets have been developed for specialised operators and the units have been revised, with regard to workplace health and safety. We are seeking your feedback on whether the draft skill sets and units reflect the current industry skills standards and practices and whether all job functions are accurately described. The documents have been developed in consultation with a Technical Advisory Committee … Read More

Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) Communique

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The AISC met on 10 April 2018. To read the communique from this meeting please follow the linked button below. The next meeting of the AISC is 5 June 2018. Skills Impact were pleased to present at this meeting. Our CEO Michael Hartman and General Manager Rosalie Staggard were welcomed by AISC Acting Chair, Mr Brett Schimming to discuss our work as an SSO, supporting 12 IRCs. Skills Impact had the opportunity to express our strong commitment to service and quality … Read More

Wine Operations Project – Second Round of Validation Open

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A second round of validation is underway for the final draft qualifications, skill sets and units of competency relating to wine operations. It follows stakeholder feedback that further changes were required to the final drafts in order to meet industry needs. The final drafts have been revised to meet these needs, as well as the Standards for Training Package Development 2012. After the first validation round closed on 26 February, Skills Impact conducted further consultation with stakeholders to revise the … Read More

Work Safely Around Animals Project: Validation Sought on New Unit

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The new entry level infection control unit of competency is now available as a final draft. Thank you to those that provided feedback on the draft that was made available for consultation between 29 March – 16 April 2018. All feedback has been considered and the final draft version of this unit is now available for industry validation, until 10 May 2018. This new unit was developed in response to industry feedback received during the consultation stage for the draft ACMSS000XX Promote animal … Read More



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