Stephen Witkowski: Trainee of the Year Winner

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“I have a great appreciation for the importance of continuous training and updating skills to ensure career growth and development. Therefore, I am currently looking into a Certificate IV in Aquaculture, or other related certificates.” This passion for learning has put Stephen in good stead for progressing his career. He was a well-qualified candidate when a position in the Environments Department arose at Tassal. However, Stephen stresses that the real advantage of his qualifications, is how they have equipped him … Read More

Kristy McDermott: Vocational Student of the Year Award Runner-up

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“Now that my business is up and running, I’m excited to get out into remote communities and share the  knowledge I have with people. I want to show them what they can grow in their environment. I also want to learn from people in those remote environments and learn more about bush tucker, because they’re the ones with the knowledge.” For anyone thinking of pursuing a career through training in the VET sector, Kristy says it can give you not … Read More

Sarah Ford: VET Teacher/Trainer of the Year Award Winner

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Sarah is excited to continue her teaching and looks forward to taking on the role of VET Coordinator for her school next year. She’s also keen to continue improving her skills, promoting agriculture, horticulture, hospitality and food and beverage subjects and helping her students achieve their goals. She wants to use the opportunity she has been given as the National VET Teacher/Trainer of the Year to promote VET subjects, especially in Australian schools. “I want to help schools, parents and … Read More

Gina Dal Santo: VET Teacher/Trainer of the Year Award Finalist

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Gina was inspired to enter the training awards by her students, whose successes reflect her own hard work and passion for VET teaching and cheese. Winning the South Australian VET Training or Teacher of the Year award and then being a finalist for the National Award has been an exciting and rewarding experience for Gina. “The journey has been amazing. Rediscovering myself while writing the application, the nervousness in the interview, the nerves waiting to go on stage was quite … Read More

Darren Scott: VET Teacher/Trainer of the Year Award Finalist

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“To have the opportunity to work with some of the brightest, highly skilled, future meat industry personnel is an honour. If the opportunity presents itself for you to step out of industry and into the training sector (even for a sessional class or half day sessions here or there) grab it with both hands.” “Fourteen years ago, when I was contemplating leaving my managerial position for a teaching position it was with some trepidation – now I would not change … Read More

Meat Processing Skills Standards Available for Validation

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We need your help to check that draft skills standards for the meat processing industry accurately reflect job roles and industry practices. Your input during the previous round of feedback has been considered in these final draft units of competency, skill sets and qualifications. They are now available for validation by following the links to the individual project pages below.

Still time to comment on draft skills standards

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Ag Biosecurity & Emergency Response Project The documents capturing skills standards in biosecurity and emergency response are still available for comment until 9 December. Thirteen units of competency have been updated to reflect the need for consistent biosecurity measures throughout the supply chain, from time of purchasing through to growing, transport and sales. To view the drafts and provide comment, visit the project page.   Conservation & Land Management Project You still have until 16 December to provide input on … Read More

Do draft agronomy skills standards meet industry needs?

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Practical skills in agronomy are in demand to help farmers and growers get the most out of the land. To support this, draft skills standards have been developed focusing on the hands-on skills needed to work with emerging technology; plan for, capture and interpret data; and conserve natural resources.

Forestry & timber projects in development

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Feedback on qualifications in timber merchandising Two new qualifications have been proposed to replace the Certificate II and III in Timber merchandising and are now available for review. Consultation with nine timber product supply organisations indicated the titles and configuration of the current qualifications were not adequate for skilling their employees. The proposed Certificate III and IV of Timber Building Products Supply have been developed in response. They are available on the project page for feedback.    

Defining skills standards for work with crocodiles

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Industry is driving the process to update and develop national skills standards for work with crocodiles. One of the experts we met with was Dr Charlie Manolis, Chief Scientist at Wildlife Management International. Charlie has over 40 years’ experience working with crocodiles and has also been a key player in moulding this unique industry including drafting the “Code of Practice for the Humane Treatment of Wild and Farmed Australian Crocodiles” under which the industry standards are defined. Others we spoke … Read More

Have your say on national skills standards for fishtech & aquabotics

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Ten new units of competency and three new skill sets have been developed to support skills for working with new technologies in the aquaculture sector. They describe the skills required for using aquabotics, such as remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), underwater drones and biosensors, which are becoming more prominent throughout the industry.  

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