COVID-19, Bushfire, Drought and Floods

Our thoughts are with our stakeholders who are still being affected by the impact of bushfire, drought, floods and COVID-19. Skills Impact operations and activities continue during these challenging times, with necessary adjustments to our consultation activities. Read more. COVID-19 has disrupted work for most Australians and has created and/or increased critical skills shortages and issues. Skills Impact and the Industry Reference Committees continue to respond to initiatives of the AISC and the AISC Emergency Response Sub-Committee, including the development of a new skill set for the pharmaceutical industry.

AHC Projects Being Finalised

As a result of industry input, the below projects are now in the finalisation stage. This involves review by the State/Territory Training Authorities, the relevant IRC/s, the Australian Industry and Skills Committee, and State/Territory Ministers. Once endorsed, the new skills standards will be published on and available for RTOs to put on scope. For further information visit the individual project pages.

National Agriculture Day 2020

This year on AgDay, we celebrate the values that bring us together! Whether city or bush-based, in Australia we are all motivated to create a better future for our families and our environment. It is these values that drive our farmers to produce high quality food and fibre every day for everybody in Australia and around the world. We are all a part of the same cycle, all moving in the same direction. The National Farmers’ Federation has highlighted 4 key … Read More

New AHC Projects Underway

Six new projects have now commenced across the agriculture, horticulture, conservation and land management (AHC) industries. Technological advances are continuing to drive change and provide opportunities for growth as industry works to meet increasing demand for food and fibre in Australia and globally. Increases in productivity, and the capacity to rehabilitate and maintain ecosystems and green spaces are key objectives. The qualifications and skills standards for a range of job roles will be revised and updated to reflect current skills needs. You are … Read More

Specialist Meat Processing Skills Standards Endorsed

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the projects listed below, Australia’s meat processing industry will soon have access to updated skills standards for a range of specialist job roles. The units and skill sets have been endorsed by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) and the State and Territory Ministers. Some units from the BSB Business Services and HLT Health training packages will be included in the updated qualifications. The AISC Secretariat is currently working with Skills Impact and the Meat IRC … Read More

Opportunity to Comment on Final Draft Diploma & Advanced Diploma

Thank you to those who provided feedback on the additional updates to the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Meat Processing in July. Your feedback has been considered to produce final versions of the qualifications, which are now available for validation and comment. These updated skills standards will support leadership and management skills in meat processing, helping industry keep up with strong global and local demands for Australian meat. Based on feedback, minor changes have been made to the qualification descriptions to differentiate outcomes … Read More

Helping You Take the Next Step in Your Career

The Your Career website, launched by the Australian Government, is designed to help you take the next step in your career. COVID-19 has changed the way we live, work and do business, but there are opportunities on the horizon. No matter what age or career stage you are at, if you have experienced changes to your career, are uncertain about your future, or you are looking to plan a future career move, Your Career provides clear and simple careers information … Read More

Exhibited Animal Care & Marine Wildlife Skills Standards

As a result of industry input, the skills required to care for some of the world’s most rare and vulnerable animals have been described in draft units, skill sets, and qualifications. The final drafts are now undergoing an edit and equity and independent quality assurance process. Part of this process involves the Animal Care and Management IRC providing review and support for the final documents. The IRC has identified the need to consult on the 240 mandated work placement hours of working … Read More

Pet Care & Animal Training Skills Standards Being Finalised

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this project, we are now a lot closer to updated skills standards and qualifications being available for a range of job roles across animal care, training, grooming, retail, regulation and animal-assisted services. The skills standards will support the pet care and animal training industry as it adapts to demand for services and products to care for Australian pets and assistance animals. The final draft skills standards and qualifications are currently in the finalisation stage, involving an … Read More

New Horse Care Project Underway

A new project has commenced to update the skills standards for a range of job roles involved in caring for horses. This project looks at addressing two key skills priorities in the sector, the need for safety skills to be embedded across work tasks and the need to support the career journey of those working in horse care roles. The project will look at the skills standards and qualifications to support a wide range of careers in the horse care industry, … Read More

Updates to the National Industry Insights Report

The 2020 Annual Updates to the IRC Skills Forecasts have been used by the AISC to bring up-to-date their National Industry Insights Report. Only 12 industry reports have been published so far, out of a total of 66. The selection provided, to lead the first updates to the insights reports is, in our view, a recognition of the quality and the timeliness of the work of the IRCs. The 12 published reports include: Agriculture Amenity Horticulture and Conservation Animal Care … Read More

New Pharmaceutical Skill Set

A skill set to support the pharmaceutical industry in their urgent response to the COVID-19 health crisis is now available for training delivery. Pharmaceutical companies are playing a key role in the COVID-19 pandemic by developing potential tests, treatments and vaccines. It is important manufacturers are equipped with all the expertise they may require, including the unique skills to produce and distribute life-saving and enhancing medical treatments. The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operator Induction Skill Set describes the foundation skills and knowledge … Read More

New Projects Underway

Work has begun on a range of new projects to update and improve industry qualifications and skills standards. Project planning is underway and Skills Impact and the Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) have been reaching out to industry experts for their input into the projects. Project webpages will progressively become available over the next two months. Some are already published, where you can read more information about the projects and register your interest. Agriculture and Horticulture Projects Landscaping – view webpage … Read More

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