Skills Impact’s Feedback Hub is moderated in order to keep the discussion flowing and to remove any offensive material.  

The Feedback Hub allows everyone to have a say on the content of a draft document and it emphasises many different industry experiences and viewpoints. Every comment is valued for its content

Any comments that are deemed to be offensive, defamatory, abusive, obscene or vexatious will be removed.  

These types of comments are defined as: 

  • Offensive: this includes any comments that is bigoted towards people based on their race, gender, sexuality, faith or is otherwise extremely offensive. Please respect other people’s views, beliefs and experiences. 
  • Defamatory: this includes making false claims about other people. 
  • Abusive: this includes any comments that threaten, intimidate, harass or humiliate another person, or encourage other people to do the same.
  • Obscene: this includes any content that is indecent, depicts violence, or includes profanity. 
  • Vexatious: this can be defined as campaigning by an individual or group, often including misrepresentation of or absence of a factual basis. Often these types of comments are referred to as “trolling” and can include bullying-type behaviour and making comments about something irrelevant to what the project or activity is trying to achieve. 

Material that is unlawful will also be removed, as well as any comments that share anyone’s personal information. 

Skills Impact will always make contact with an individual to let them know their comment has been removed. 

For the safety of others and to support a collaborative environment, individuals that continue to post comments that are in breach this policy may be suspended or banned from using the Feedback Hub. 

If you have any questions regarding moderation, please contact us.