At the beginning of each year, Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) are responsible for developing an IRC Skills Forecast and Proposed Schedule of Work (IRC Skills Forecasts). The documents undergo consultation with industry and are submitted to the Australian Industry Skills Committee (AISC) in April.

IRC Skills Forecasts identify skills gaps, emerging skills needs and associated training needs for industry and determine whether there is a need to change training packages (i.e. units of competency, skill sets and qualifications). The documents propose a plan for reviewing and developing the relevant units, skill sets and qualifications, which is then submitted from the relevant IRC to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) for their consideration and approval. (The AISC advises Commonwealth and State Industry and Skills Ministers on the implementation of national vocational education and training policies, and approves nationally recognised training packages).

The AISC draws on this information to update their AISC National Schedule, and to determine future Training Package Projects. View current projects, which have been approved out of the current IRC Skills Forecasts.

Current IRC Skills Forecasts

Current, AISC-approved, 2017–2020 IRC Skills Forecasts can be downloaded from the list below:

Final Draft 2018-2021 IRC Skills Forecasts

Submitted to the AISC for their consideration on 27 April 2018

Thank you to those who provided feedback on the draft 2018-2021 IRC Skills Forecasts and Proposed Schedules of Work.

Each document was made available for industry feedback and comment over a four week period, published progressively throughout February – April 2018. During this time, feedback was sought on the priority skills for industry, including skills gaps within national training packages, i.e. units of competency, skill sets and qualifications.

All feedback has been considered and the final draft documents were submitted, by the relevant IRC, to the Australian Industry Skills Committee (AISC) on the 27th April, for consideration at their next meeting.

The AISC draws on the information from the IRC Skills Forecast to update their AISC National Schedule, and to determine future Training Package Projects.

Please click the links below to view the documents that were submitted to the AISC for their consideration.


Agriculture, Horticulture, Conservation and Land Management
Animal Care and Management
Aquaculture and Wild Catch


Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical


Forestry and Timber




Pulp and Paper Manufacturing