Following endorsement by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC), the revised qualification, new skill set and 14 units of competency have been published on and are available for use by registered training organisations (RTOs). The qualification, skill set and units are embedded within the AMP Training Package (Published on 1/2/2018).

This project reviewed and updated the Certificate II in meat processing, developed one new skill set for an animal welfare officer and developed four new units of competency for meat processing. Ten poultry units of competency were also reviewed and updated and migrated from the FDF10 Food Processing Training Package to the AMP Australian Meat Processing Training Package. These components were reviewed and developed in consultation with industry, to reflect current industry skills standards and practices, so that all job functions are accurately described.

What does this mean for training providers?

Registered training organisations (RTOs) have 12 months to transition to delivering the new and updated qualification, skill set and units of competency, from the date of publish. For more information, visit the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) website.

A Companion Volume Implementation Guide has also been produced to help training providers implement the new and revised qualifications, skill sets and units. It can be downloaded from

Please see the Case for Endorsement for more information about the changes made:

  Download the AMP Case for Endorsement

Please find below links to the final qualifications, skill sets and units on


AMP20117 Certificate II in Meat Processing (Food Services)View qualification on


This new skill set AMPSS00061 Animal Welfare Officer Assistant Skill Set includes the new unit AMPA3136 Monitor welfare of stock during out-of-hours receival.

AMPSS00061 Animal Welfare Officer Assistant Skill SetView skill set on


AMPA2078 Inspect meat for defects in a packing roomView unit on
AMPA3136 Monitor welfare of stock during out-of-hours receivalView unit on
AMPA413 Review or develop an Emergency Animal Disease Response PlanView unit on
AMPX312 Calculate carcase yield in a boning roomView unit on


Ten units of competency were revised to meet the Standards for Training Packages 2012 and migrated from the Food Processing Training Package into the Meat Processing Training Package.

AMPP201 Operate a poultry dicing, stripping or mincing processView unit on
AMPP202 Operate a poultry evisceration processView unit on
AMPP203 Grade poultry carcaseView unit on
AMPP204 Harvest edible poultry offalView unit on
AMPP205 Operate a poultry marinade injecting processView unit on
AMPP206 Operate a poultry washing and chilling processView unit on
AMPP207 Operate the bird receival and hanging processView unit on
AMPP208 Operate a poultry stunning, killing and defeathering processView unit on
AMPP301 Operate a poultry carcase delivery systemView unit on
AMPP302 Debone and fillet poultry product manuallyView unit on


Consultation with stakeholders

During development of the training package products, the following communication strategies were used for consultation with stakeholders:

  • meetings – teleconferences with key industry stakeholders and TAC members
  • National Meat Industry Training Advisory Council’s (MINTRAC) communications with their industry networks
  • MINTRAC Network meetings held in Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, New South Wales and South Australia
  • draft materials available for feedback
  • MINTRAC newsletter and website.

Please refer to Appendix 2: Industry support in the Case for Endorsement (linked below) for a list of activities conducted, together with organisations and individuals consulted.

  Download the AMP Case for Endorsement


Activity Orders

This project was completed under two separate Activity Orders.

1. Transitioning of FDF10 Food Processing Training Package to the 2012 Standards for Training Packages

Ten revised units of competency were updated in response to this Activity Order which was approved for the FDF10 Food Processing Training Package in June 2016. the Activity start date ran from 20 June 2016 – 30 June 2018.

The requirements set by the AISC in relation to the FDF10 Food Processing Training Package development work were to:

  • address independent QA concerns with the design of the Certificate IV in Food Processing and Diploma of Food Processing qualifications
  • address non-compliance with Standard 6 Assessment requirements specify the evidence and required conditions for assessment and Standard 8 Qualifications comply with the Australian Qualifications Framework specification for that qualification type.
  • develop the retail baking component, and validate with industry the proposed changes.

2. Animal Welfare Officer Skill Set

This Activity Order was approved by the AISC. The requirements set in relation to the training package development work were the development of an Animal Welfare Officer Skill Set and one new unit of competency.