Committee Membership

The Animal Care and Management Industry Reference Committee (IRC) has responsibility for overseeing the development of industry units of competency, skill sets and qualifications relative to the following sectors:

  • Veterinary and related services
  • Animal care, handling and welfare
  • Animal breeding services
  • Pet and companion animal services
  • Captive Wildlife Operations
  • Animal Technology
  • Animal Control and Regulation

All IRCs are appointed by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC). Skills Impact provides support services to a group of related IRCs so they can effectively connect and engage with industry about their skill needs. For further information about this IRC please contact us.

The IRC is made up of people with experience, skills and knowledge in the animal care and management industry. Nominees operate in the best interest of the industry sector.

Organisation Represented
Organisation Overview
Australian Veterinary Association (AVA)Dr Julia Crawford (Chair)The professional organisation that represents veterinarians across Australia. The AVA maintains relationships with national, state and local levels of government, and provides advice on all aspects of animal health and welfare policy. The AVA also runs a number of programs that make a valuable contribution to the community, and help veterinarians to maintain a high level of patient care.
Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia (VNCA)Rebecca Coventry (Deputy Chair)A not-for-profit professional association which promotes the interests of Veterinary Nursing across Australia. The VNCA has active Divisions across Australia that contribute through the delivery of local education as well as liaise with clinics, RTOs and other stakeholders within their area.
Taronga Conservation Society AustraliaElly NeumannTaronga Conservation Society Australia is a leader in the fields of conservation, research and environmental education. Taronga is constituted under the Zoological Parks Board Act 1973 as a statutory authority owned by the people of New South Wales and administered by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.
Individual Industry Experts
Required Expertise
Dr Robert JohnsonExpertise in captive wildlife operations

Robert is Owner small zoological consulting practice, Director (past president) Australian Veterinary Association, Director Vets Beyond Borders, Member Wildlife Health Australia Management Committee.

Belinda SmithExpertise in veterinary and related services

Belinda is currently the Owner and Operator of Good 2 Go Equine Dentistry.

Brenton MyattExpertise in pet and companion animal services

Brenton is currently the Director of Animal Magic Holdings Pty Ltd.

John SunderlandExpertise in animal breeding services

John is currently the General Manager at Godolphin Woodlands.

Julie FiedlerExpertise in animal care, handling and welfare

Julie is currently a contractor and consultant for the Equine Industry.

Kaye HargreavesExpertise in pet and companion animal services

Kaye is currently the Owner and Operator of Wagging School.

Michael  ButcherExpertise in animal control and regulation
Mike is currently the Managing Director of Animal Pest Management Services.
Dr Tim MatherExpertise in animal technology
Tim is currently a Consultant at Veterinary Advisory Services.
Position vacantExpertise in animal care, handling and welfare
Position vacantExpertise in veterinary and related services
Position vacantExpertise in veterinary and related services


Operating Framework for IRCs

IRCs provide the industry engagement mechanism at the centre of training package development (units of competency, skill sets and qualifications). They provide a conduit for industry feedback to government on industry trends and for promotion of VET. The primary purpose of the IRC is to provide advice to the AISC about the skills needs of their industry or sector, based on their experience and expertise.

IRCs perform the following functions, with support by Skills Impact:

  • Gather general intelligence for their industry sectors to inform advice on training package development and review
  • Oversight the development and review of training packages in accordance with the requirements of the AISC
  • Oversight the development of the IRC work plan by the SSO, advising who should be included in the consultation and the type of information to include
  • Provide sign off on the work plan, business cases, cases for endorsement and other submissions for consideration by the AISC
  • Report to the AISC on progress of its work
  • Promote the use of VET in the sectors they represent.

Full details of the Operating Framework for Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) can be viewed here.