COVID-19, Bushfire, Drought and Floods

Our thoughts are with our stakeholders who are still being impacted by the bushfires, drought and floods in Australia and now COVID-19. Information about available assistance can be found at the FarmHub website. Skills Impact operations and activities continue during these challenging times, with necessary adjustments to our consultation activities. Stakeholder availability is limited and we are following all government mandates and recommendations in relation to COVID-19, with all staff working from home on an ongoing basis. Our interactions are now only by email, phone, video conferencing and the feedback hub. Please continue to feel free to contact us by these methods. Your feedback and input to improve national qualifications and skills standards is most welcome. Read more.

Feedback Sought: Racing & Breeding Qualifications & Units

You are invited to review new and revised qualifications, skill sets and units of competency for the racing and breeding industry. They have been drafted as part of the following three projects: Retraining Horses & Greyhounds to New Environments Greyhound Health Assistance Services  Horse Breeding Skills We are seeking your feedback on whether the draft qualifications, skill sets and units reflect the current skills standards and practices of industry, and whether job functions are accurately described. The draft qualifications and units … Read More

Industry views sought on Artisinal Food & Beverage skills

You are invited to complete the surveys by clicking on the links below. If you have multiple job roles you would like to discuss you are welcome to complete as many surveys as apply. Artisanal Cheesemaking survey – Click here Artisanal Brewing survey – Click here Artisanal Distilling survey – Click here Other artisanal fermented products survey – Click here These surveys will close 10 December 2018.   The Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industry Reference Committee (IRC) will oversee this project, as part of their responsibilities to support engagement with … Read More

Seafood & Aquaculture Projects Validation stage extended to 30 Nov

Following requests from industry, and an approval from the Australian Industry Skills Committee (AISC), these projects have been granted an extension which provides opportunity for more feedback. As a result, the validation stage for the Aquaculture, Fishing Operations & Biosecurity Project and the Seafood Post Harvest Project has now been extended from 10 October to 30 November 2018. You’re invited to read and provide feedback on the final drafts of the qualifications, skill sets and units of competency and provide any final comments. Validation means checking and … Read More

Feedback Sought: Sports Turf Management Qualifications & Units

How to Provide Feedback On the project webpages you have several options for submitting your feedback: via our new feedback hub; register for a face-to-face consultation workshop or webinar; or, by email. Visit the project webpage for further details.

Racing & Breeding Projects Consultation Workshops

A series of face-to-face consultation workshops are planned for the three racing and breeding industry projects. Retraining Horses & Greyhounds to New Environments Greyhound Health Assistance Services  Horse Breeding Skills You are invited to attend a workshop near you, to provide feedback on the draft qualifications, skill sets and units of competency that are being developed as part of these projects. The drafts will be available on the project webpages for download and feedback in November, to correspond with the workshop dates. Workshops are identified as … Read More

New Project to Review Sports Turf Qualifications & Units

Existing sports turf management qualifications and units of competency are being reviewed as part of a new project that aims to bring them up to date with current industry practices, technologies, equipment and advances in turf agronomy. Draft qualifications and units will be available for your consideration and feedback in late October, on the Skills Impact website. You can register now for a face-to-face consultation workshop during this time, to provide feedback on the drafts in person. Seven workshops are planned across states and … Read More

Qualifications and units endorsed

The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) has endorsed the qualifications, skill sets and units of competency that were developed as part of the following projects. Thank you to everybody who dedicated their time and expertise to feedback on the draft components, as part of the development process. Once published on, the new and revised qualifications, skill sets and units will be available for use by registered training organisations (RTOs).  

New Projects – Update on Progress

Below is a list of projects being undertaken by Skills Impact during 2018-2019 to improve industry vocational qualifications. The need for this work has been driven by various developments, trends, issues or challenges within industry, which are impacting job roles and skill needs. For example, the Aboriculture Project aims to address falling training enrolment numbers by removing significant barriers to training and assessment. Arborists are on the National Skills Needs List and employers are facing severe challenges in attracting skilled staff. The drivers for each of … Read More

AISC & IRC Chairs meeting

Cross-sector projects and training delivery challenges were high on the agenda at the 2nd meeting between the Australian Industry Skills Council (AISC) and Industry Representative Committee (IRC) Chairs, which took place in Melbourne on Thursday 27 September 2018. While previous meetings had focused on introducing and embedding the new system being overseen by the AISC, this meeting looked at some of the key learnings and issues that have been identified since inception. The AISC expect more clarity on job outcomes … Read More

IRC Chairs Meeting with Skills Impact

On the Wednesday before the AISC meeting, Skills Impact organised a meeting between the Chairs or representatives of each of our allocated IRCs, Skills Impact and representatives of the Department of Education and Training. The aim of this meeting was to share ideas and consider how IRCs, the AISC and Skills Impact can better support the skill needs of the industries we support. We also discussed the specific role of an IRC and how they can add further value to industry. In a positive … Read More

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Skills Impact acknowledges that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples have been living in and caring for Australia for tens of thousands of years, and this is respected in line with Skills Impact values. We recognise the challenges involved for people who are not related to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders to understand the importance of their connection to Country. Skills Impact seeks and relies on guidance from Indigenous people in our work.